Android-powered Motorola Sholes Tablet turns into MOTOROI

18 January, 2010
We first heard of the Motorola Sholes Tablet three months ago when a partial 2009/2010 Motorola roadmap leaked. Back then we still didn't know what this codename would transform into but now all myst...

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Tablet, lol :D

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Jan 2010What kind of design is this?! It looks like a huge walkie t... morenice, do you got the said mobile?

  • Anonymous

8GB internal memory! 8MP with xenon flash! OMG...

  • JAG

wanna get it soon!!

  • ReVan

Good Morning and Hello Moto!

  • Anonymous

dont you mean "korea's telecom"...
even the icons are in korean, not chinese lol

  • 100 Moto

Paul, 19 Jan 2010Correction the XT701 has not yet been launched in china, ju... moreXT701 "not yet released in China"? Did you even visit Moto's own website / online store in China? The phone "has been" available since Dec last year...for about US$631.

What can be more official than Moto's own website / online store?

  • King89

Yep finnaly Moto is do'n it right, hope to see more android supporting Phones.

  • Anonymous

This Thing is coming to the USA in March

  • Sholimar

So... it was introduced in December 2010 and has a capacitive display with handwriting recognition... something doesn't quite add up!

  • mestillme

The MOTOROI is an upgraded version of China Telecom's exclusive Motorola XT701 that was introduced in December 2010. "ERM"..gsmarena please?

  • Paul

Correction the XT701 has not yet been launched in china, just leaked.

  • takis

I hate that Moto doesnt release their best phones to Europe!

  • Petrony

I was waiting Sholes Tablet in Europe :(

  • mike

Wow, bring this to the US already, and keep it on Verizon's network. Was thinking of the Droid/Milestone but I'll hold out for this. For those wondering, this phone is about the same size as the iPhone (about 1mm difference), HDMI port is at the top.

  • Anonymous

i already have it

  • Anonymous

What kind of design is this?! It looks like a huge walkie talkie without the antenna! Eew! And the 3g is only 384 kbps?! WTF?! Maybe moto should try entering the 21st century. There are phones that has about 10 mbps 3g right now! This doesn't even have highspeed uploading either! That is so lame!! Internet on this phone will be sooo slow!! Secondary camera is not available either! That's just st*p*d. And no stereo speakers?! Its the same old tiny one again. LAME....!!

  • lilman

Was looking at the Motorola xt701, how is the Motoroi better considering that the xt701 has hsdpa 10.2 & hsupa 5.76, the only thing its missing is the uprated 8mp camera & dlna, just going by gsmarena specs.

  • lilman

We need a UK version of this phone, was considering the milestone, then I came across this. Glad the xenon flash has been bought back & to a android device as well.

  • Kiseki

I'm a Nokia fan, but this is way better than any Nokia device... Nothing for to flame about here ;)