Live photos offer the first real look at the Nokia C1 Android phone

07 September, 2015
The screen resolution has been promoted to 1080p according to the latest leak, unfortunately  the pics offer no proof of that.

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  • hill mezc

I guess it means Nokia Communicator1 for Android? :)

But I want the old keyboard back :|

  • Killing your dreams

Obviously fan made. Thus another fake.­_pictures_proof_of_fake.png

  • Anonymous

I wish they should consider putting Zeiss, Pureview, and Puremotion hd+ just like what they did on their lumias

  • Peace

To each their own, people. We have no right to bash each other - we're all free to like what we like, after all.

Yuzuf, 07 Sep 2015Would defiantly buy one. Miss those nokia days. Now stuck to iPh... moreStuck with iphone ? So you wana buy nokia which runs android.. But there are hundreds of good mobiles in market having Android.. If You just want to buy this phone cause of that logo then you are no different than any of the Apple or Samsung fanboys...

Whenever they enter market they should be sure to price the producs properly..
And enter Budget range devices..
People are not going to buy nokia especially after the way the company got doomed so bad.

  • Anonymous

It's gonna be made of metal I bet. The Nokia N1 tablet is metal and has a similar look to it

  • AnonD-364662

will be that NOKIA which we know , excellent quality? or will be another made in china phone?

  • AnonD-330549

Danger to all the others,,,,, yes,,,, I remember my last nokia,,,, an n95 8gb - yr. 2006 ,,,,,, w/ 5mp camera. t'was really an excellent shooter during its time, very nice audio player, too...... 2016 might be nokia's return after 10 years? coincidence? or not....

  • Davood

Vj, 07 Sep 2015Nokia go for 3GB ram, 64GB ROM, no SD card, dual stand by, front... moreNOKIA Companies are dying one after another yet an already dead company wants to get out of the grave to fight in this battle field? Wow

WoooooooooooW Nokia,

The Most Anticipated Vendor to make Phones.

Waiting For your comeback, Even if it wasn't Ground breaking,

  • shasha

nokia+android.'s danger for all other mobile brands

  • AJ

dis is awesome. mi di wait fi dis 2 hapen lang time.... I'm a Nokia fan and lover.

  • AnonD-62471

all are excited to hold nokia with android rather than nokia with any other os.. that's the power of android+nokia..

glxy, 07 Sep 2015The hardware looks fine. If the UI will take nostalgic styling c... moreWe can only wish. However, who knows how many Nokia designers and engineers are still with them? I'm pretty sure the camera development team stayed with Microsoft.

  • Vj

Nokia go for 3GB ram, 64GB ROM, no SD card, dual stand by, front led notification.... N wireless charging. Add good softwares for ur camera n strong flash too. Whatever the price, ppl ll buy it. If it clicks in the market, then none of the android mobile companies stand against u.... If the body cover is plastic then use neon bright colors or woody colors... If its metal then give strip n brushed finishing..... All the best Nokia.

  • Hossain

I am very much lover of Nokia device.I used many Nokia phone long time.When I heard Nokia sold at 7.2 billion,then I am very much shocked.Now I am useing Android phone but I am waiting for Comeback of Nokia mobile.....

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

well, Nokia is just around the corner now and it feels promising for the new device for awhile its gone missing now we can see "it" again in reality I hope they can give a big loud bang coming 2016