HTC working on an Android Wear watch called 'halfbeak'

09 September, 2015
The smartband thing didn't work out, but maybe a smartwatch will fare better.

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  • AnonD-357496

More like Half Bake like most of their recent products ... Lol

  • laddee

HTC is the leading tech giant in the world. If they are saying something they will definitely deliver something unique...

  • Anonymous

HTC's management is a joke. It kills itself.

HTC is irrelevant in smartphone now.

  • outback kev

hahaha. no one buys android wear now so why would they buy it when htc brings something out? stupidest thing i've ever heard.

  • Anonymous

Everytime I read that word it look, HALF-BAKE to me

LoL HTC, shutdown already. Enough of your overpriced crap in the market.

  • abdsheikh76

Are You Serious

  • AnonD-133818

before that, i really love HTC... but recently they keep making alot of big mistake and bad decisions. I hate HTC now for not listening to the customers.

  • AnonD-188372

They should call it half-baked instead,HTC are losing money and market share hand over fist,so they come up with this ? No other wear gear us sold much,so why bother,spend the money on actually finding out from folk what they actually want to buy from HTC and build that instead,and scrap at least 50% of their current output,it's no good having flagship devices if nobody buys them.
HTC problem is that they have stopped listening to users and think they know what we want ,so they keep building stuff that doesn't sell much.

  • Anonymous

Vaio Agent, 09 Sep 2015Excited, 'Half Life' watchYou Sir, win today.

  • PuroDoraiba

Dat HTC clock widget tho. Dem nostalgia seeping in...

Excited, 'Half Life' watch

  • LLL

Heartbroken people won't buy it ;)

  • AnonD-144115

They could have named as `half boiled'.. Better than half baked ...

  • ovi