Some of the innovative iPhone features we’ve seen before

10 September, 2015
“The only thing that’s changed is everything.” Apple’s iPhone 6s/6s Plus marketing slogan is about as true as they come.

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  • Agh85
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  • 10 Sep 2015

It seems GSMArena is now a PR for droids. The team at GSMArena has been bashing up iPhones since the 5s. They have a hell lot of problems when Apple updates its key specs. The team at GSMA view that as Apple catching up to competition or imitating competition. Why dnt they bash up Samsung and all other Android OEMs when they moved to 64-but desktop class architecture in 2014 following Apple's iPhone 5s which released in Fall 2013? Or why didn't they bash Samsung when GS5 came with a fingerprint sensor in 2014. Apple did it almost 6-7 months before the GS5 was launched. Till date, the Touch ID is the best implementation of fingerprint sensor on a smartphone. And I would trust CNET, Verge and Engadget on this one. They aren't Apple haters.
GSMA never had a problem when Google pay and more recently Samsung pay is a rip-off of the more successful Apple pay.
And refer to the above tech sites, they have mentioned that the haptic 3D touch is quite large enough to accomodate in the new iPhone 6S duo. This one accounts for the increased weight and lower battery capacity.
GSMA MAY TROLL APPLE, but Apple will again have record-shattering profit quarter after quarter and Apple's net worth is going to skyrocket once again.
P.S. : GSMA wnt have no issues when Samsung and all other Android OEMS will incorporate force touch in their displays starting with their 2016/2017 flagships.

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    • 10 Sep 2015

    [deleted post]Agree Apple did not mention that they're the frst who made it, it says its first on its iPhone line up...

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      • Rajeev
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      • 10 Sep 2015

      BANG ON!
      Apples marketing facade is clearing up pretty soon and people have started to look beyond the oh so calm and composed faces with their mouths churning out "magical", "revolutionary", and similar jargon. Probably, its because with Steve Jobs giving the keynote, there was an awe which people couldnt break into. Now many people are seeing the not so Apple like behavior of the company.

      One more thing which I wanted to add to this good article. I see that Apple is ""PURPOSELY"" delaying features and unjustly squeezing profits from a dated technology with pushing iPhone 6S for the entire year of 2016. They could have debuted a much better camera with LINX technology, but I think they will squeeze that stuff dry with extracting the biggest profits for possibly 3-4 years or even more. (LINX has dual, tripple and quad array sensors). Expect Apple to ship incremental sensor improvements, even though quad array clearly provide the best low light performance.

      I can clearly see through the profit machine that Apple is. The facade is gone. Android suddenly seems to provide contrastingly better value even though the market does not give it that much respect. Expecting Google to release a stunningly powerful and more feature packed Nexus to blow dry the dollar sucking machine Apple.

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        • 10 Sep 2015

        The Samsung S6 and above use 7000 series aluminum