Google App update on Android brings Marshmallow app drawer, homescreen search

21 September, 2015
Google has released an updated version of the Google App, which brings with it some new changes for the Google Now Launcher.

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  • Catydorr

Love it. Well done, Google

  • Heavy reader

Anonymous, 21 Sep 2015I hate white background. Juat because its a marshmallow it doesn... moreNot only hurts those eyes but also drain the gigantic battery faster than buggy lollipop.

  • AnonD-443595


  • AnonD-294887

How many apps do people have installed on their phones, that long pressing a button _and_ typing in stuff is faster than simply scrolling the list?

...wait, don't answer that.

  • bryan_335

App drawer for me should not at issue, which is important android has many increase in performance, application and multitasking, why google does not give color theme because i feel already many applications launcher on playstore, so it should not too issue.

  • nikku

when it comes official..... for nexus lineup???

Doesn't works in moto g3..

  • Labanauskas

Vic, 21 Sep 2015This white background and animation in app drawer look terrible.... moreUse Nova Launcher instead ;-)

  • Rajiv

Really hate this app drawer..its ugly to use & pretty boring..Please change it to kitkat app drawer :)

  • Ajay

sunil, 21 Sep 2015what FM RADIO used in this screenshot ???That's the default FM radio app on the Motorola devices.

  • Anonymous

I hate white background. Juat because its a marshmallow it doesn't need to be white. Please, make it black for the sake of our eyes. It will hurt at night.

  • Anonymous

ugly app drawer. is has ugly white background. the old transparent background is much better.

  • Vic

This white background and animation in app drawer look terrible... Probably one of the ugliest designs I've ever seen in my life... Google need to change it before customers with good sense of harmony move to iOS or Windows Phone... No jokes here.

  • sunil

what FM RADIO used in this screenshot ???

  • Anonymous

aceofgenerations, 21 Sep 2015Damn Google. Can I request a dark background just like in kitkat... morejust change your launcher

  • AnonD-368953

I don't get it, all these updates improve nothing other than just changing the transitions. OH let's make the page scroll vertical and push it as an update? Wtf

  • Dovice

What Google are doing here is very clever. They are slowly replacing the concept of a periodical OS upgrade with a modular approach, whereby specific features are upgraded continuously. IE, I'm running Lollipop on a Nexus 5, so with this update, it would become 'Lolli-Marsh'!

  • aceofgenerations

Damn Google. Can I request a dark background just like in kitkat? All that white background hurt my eyes and its even worse in night!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Sep 2015Again with the white background? Ewww Google. Draining my batter... more#IPSdisplayFTW

Anyway, I like how 4 years ago you had to basically buy a new phone to get new functionality while today even phones doomed to never see an OS update can still get some of the new features from the latest version of Android. (kind'a like what Samsung did with the Value Pack update for the Galaxy S1)

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