Analysts expect Samsung's Q3 profits to remain weak, blame company's mobile division

21 September, 2015
Although the company's mobile shipments have increased in Q3, the drop in profit is being attributed to the slowing demand of its high-end smartphones.

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  • AnonD-438622

They deserve it copycats they r nothing but a copycat !!

They want to beat apple to the ground but that will not happen because theie phones r like shit!!

Lag , freeze , slow and everything

  • AnonD-7433

If they still don't know what's wrong with their flagships and change immediately, then they deserve to go further down.

they deserve that non removable battery and twice a day charging is a failure
samsung ....why not an exchangable metal cover back ???

  • Jose

Simply put, Samsung is making way too many devices, They need to refocus the S and Note lines. Skip this + crap and the neo phones. Please make Quality phones that people want.

  • AnonD-422874

The problem with Samsung was, so much so that they wanted to beat Apple to the ground...they have become the "APPLE".

  • AnonD-416878

"attributed to the slowing demand of Samsung's high-end smartphones"

Yup, that's because those who bought Samsung in the first place liked the concept of a Micro SD card slot haha.

  • hello

No surprise here, I blame their flagship for having:
1. non-removable battery
2. no micro-sd card slot
3. outrageous price increments for more memory
... without removable battery and micro-sd card slot, newer samsung flagship phones seem to be like downgrades from their previous model. It also make them lack competitive advantage and product differentiation when compared to cheaper offering like the Oneplus 2.
Also they are releasing too many phones, which leads to product fragmentation. They should just focus on their core competences and make a few phones available at different price points.

  • Anonymous

...and that's what you get when you shovel Knox on people throats.


Blame the LESS-features devices they're making. If the current devices like Note.5 is perceived as less useful than the past ones, that can explain it.

  • AnonD-422874