Microsoft ditches Bing in favour of Baidu in China

24 September, 2015
Microsoft has entered into a partnership with China's largest online search company Baidu that will see the latter's search engine becoming the default homepage and search for the software giant's Edge browser in Windows 10.

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  • Someone

$$$$$$ Is the only thing that matters.

  • Anonymous

This world is getting better by the minute. Oh yeah!

  • Gibby

Oh dear
Now Microsoft think it's a good idea to get 'in to bed' with a Communist Regime
Deary me

  • sonu

this is a big partnership

  • mark

i thought nobody was using yahoo
bing video are good

  • Anonymous

We google things on the internet while China baidu stuff on the internet. "Hey, have you baidu the news on microsoft ditching bing?". Weird.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-442781, 24 Sep 2015I have a folder called baidu in my documents that I didn't insta... moreWhat you said are truth.

  • Anonymous

lol, 24 Sep 2015Bing is good, when you can not use Google for some reasonYou are right.

  • lol

Bing is good, when you can not use Google for some reason

  • AnonD-442781

I have a folder called baidu in my documents that I didn't install, deleting it doesn't even make it go away and I can't uninstall it. What a great company Microsoft has decided to work with.

  • Anonymous

V9, Baidu, Bing... Avoid those

  • Anonymous

Had 4 notebooks or laptops since 2010. Don't even consider buying Windows product anymore.

  • Tee

While Bing was never any good, Baidu products are usually a mess om computers. I uninstall anything Baidu related on my clients' PCs and all those nasty toolbars and fake system speeders.

  • Anonymous

Nobody uses anything but Google...that's why we say " just Google it''

  • Anonymous

Bing is good at searching video only. Else is bad. Too much clutter. Couldn't even find simple website I type in. Keep telling me the spelling is wrong or no result. Stubborn Microsoft. I hate orange color anyway. The UI is ugly, small fonts, font color is too light.

Bing was never any good. Microsoft is just stubborn.

  • Anonymous

nobody use bing.

  • AnonD-12237

Bing is good for Alphabet text searches. It may not be very strong searching with chinese characters. Also Baidu is a very strong brand in China