Symbian^3 OS and a Maemo 6 device coming later this year

02 February, 2010
According to the Symbian numbering scheme we're at Symbian^1 now, but we won't see ^2 at all- Nokia is jumping straight to Symbian^3. Maemo 6 is coming later this year with at least one new device running...

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trancehell, 02 Feb 2010Too late and too litle, Nokia... Best quote in years :)

  • centaur31

Anonymous, 07 Feb have a point but does android beat symbian in terms of se... moreHi,

Firstly from what I read on the net, there were 250,000 android phones being activated everyday and that was 15-20 days or more ago. Nokia has a great handset in the N8 but the symbian 3 os is not even close to the ios 4.1 or even android. Android is coming out with version 3 if I am not wrong and the new Iphone 5 is also set to be launched soon. I won't be long before nokia is left out totally.

Nokia became the number one player in the industry because of the huge market in India and other Asian countries, however the bulk of the business they do here is in the economy or basic models which have some add ons. Now Nokia has made compromises on their product quality and make it worse with the pathetic services they provide through "Nokia Care", i believe it should be called "Nokia-We couldn't Care Less". Their phones are priced in the high range and the hardware and software is the same as on a 3 yr old model. the n97 is a great phone but isn't it cheap to give it the same processor as the 5800 even though the N97 was priced at almost double of the 5800 price.

People have lost faith in Nokia and their number is growing by the day, people who used to swear by Nokia are now using Samsung and HTC phones and they feel they were being taken for a ride. Samsung has priced their products aggressively and are gaining ground fast in this price sensitive market. If things go on in the same manner it wont be long before Nokia loses the top spot.

  • Anonymous

i contacted symbian and nokia other day asked them if symbian 3 will be available for n97 users unfortunately the answer was no
i still dont know if u cant
i really want to get it on my n97
since its open source might be a chance if someone make it availbale

  • Kubik Tebal

Anonymous, 26 May 2010the only thing nokia can do is dreaming of killing iphone with t... moreYou should try N900, despite dissapointment with the lack of mms and network video call, all other things are excellent.
I had a terrible experience also with N97, I used it only for 1 month and I threw away, change to E72 which is much much better for business support, but it is uncomparable to N900 with its Maemo5 OS. Trust me...

  • Anonymous

Hawke, 03 Feb 2010If Maemo 6 is well polished, it beat Android, Bada, WebOS, BB, a... morethe only thing nokia can do is dreaming of killing iphone with those new pathetic of excuse for softwares...cause apple has something that nokia will never have...way too many apps(i mean real apps no bugs and high those stupid things on ovi)..and apple is always near the customer..they release a divise but the software support older difficult is to do this on nokia?and u will see soon enough with the symbian ^3 release the release of iphone 4g with the 4 firmware supporting 3g and 3gs and yet still be better than those nokia(and before u say anything that i am an iphone lover i say yes i am cause i am very disapointed with nokia cause i have an n97 and i gave away my iphone 3g to get it...)

  • no name

will i be able to upgrade my n97 to this new Symbian^3 OS

  • David

Jim, 07 Feb 2010True that. Since Symbian 3 and 4 and Maemo 6 were announced, ... moreNo, I wouldn't say abandonware. Abandonware means something that was once supported well. The latest high end phones from Nokia are stillborn. That's the right word, I believe.

I was going to buy the n900 in december. But of course, being a seasoned Nokia customer, I anticipated their move, and quickly realized that the N900, besides being a very promising hardware, would be released with a half-baked firmware. "Release earlier, solve later".

They are incapable of reaching the critical mass stage for their new phones (n97 and 900), so they try compensating intelligence with sheer number on an industry that is led by the former. Good luck with that. Seems to me the yellow light is on, and the white flag may be just around the corner.

We see that with them being pushed away from the high end. People that bought N95s now buy Droids and HTCs, and iPhones. You can't lose early adopters (after all, there are always going to be innovators around). They are the customer to be really kept at harbor IMO.

  • Jim

Anonymous, 06 Feb 201090% chances it will NOT be updated with Maemo 6. Otherwise, h... moreTrue that.

Since Symbian 3 and 4 and Maemo 6 were announced, for this year, all current high end Nokia phones including the N97/N97 Mini and the N900 are essentially 'abandon-ware'. Without announcing updates for previous handsets, they just doomed current devices on the market.

Android-Google and even Microsoft's Windows Mobile sends current software versions to older phones; Nokia doesn't have a record of doing that.

  • Jim

Anonymous, 07 Feb have a point but does android beat symbian in terms of se... moreNo, Symbian handsets currently outsell phones running Android, but it's only a matter of time until Android pulls ahead. Android will become the 'Windows' of cell phones, i.e. the main consumer phone OS.

It's all about the trend line.

For Symbian it's:


This is Android:


Sooner or later, they'll meet somewhere in the middle. Maemo has a better shot of challenging Android than Symbian does, so Nokia is better off concentrating their 'high end' efforts on that OS. Any N98 should run Maemo, not Symbian.

  • Anonymous

30days of night, 04 Feb 2010symbian 3 or higher is still not open sourced..and even if its o... have a point but does android beat symbian in terms of selling points?does android outwit symbian?how many android phones have been shipped and sold?android havent come close to symbian in terms of sales output.besides symbian is the cheapest smartphone OS.that the key of its being successful.not all people are geeky..they want to have constant connection tru txt,email and voicecall..give me reasons why android much better than symbian,if u cud swayed me.then mybe i wl believe in you

  • Anonymous

n900owner, 05 Feb 2010What will happen to N900 owners?? Will we have the chance to up... more90% chances it will NOT be updated with Maemo 6.

Otherwise, how Nokia is supposed to force the new $600-ish phone hardware down your throat? You be glad if they fix all the problems and "misses" of the N900. And when they do, the phone won't be relevant anymore.

"N900, The Phone that Could". ;-)

  • sam

lets hope old touch phone are update to multitouch becoz it most important function. and if this time nokia miss multitouch upgrade , nokia loss too many users including me.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Feb 2010Symbian ui and multitouch arebeing added to new symbian is the r... moreI'm happy if they get rid of the bugs enough. they can't exactly turn our screens from resistive to capacitative now, so we're stuck as it is now.

  • n900owner

What will happen to N900 owners?? Will we have the chance to upgrade to Maemo6? I just got my N900 and it would be awful to see its supports disappear within a year...

  • 30days of night

symbian 3 or higher is still not open sourced..and even if its open source it will only have limited program features compared to all you people who says symbian is better is just boasting cause you dont know the real programming issues of symbian compared to androids..

  • Anonymous

But now that they are just making it open source, what's the point of symbian 3 and 4???????????

  • Geek

the Current android market share is WAYYYY below Symbian (at least for now)

  • mj

@ geek

Android is the dominant platform.

  • Michael

From the history, the chance for N97, N97 mini, 5800 XM, etc. to update from Symbian^1 to Symbian^3 is zero.
As Nokia has not permitted this kind of upgrade all the time, and they (N97...) do not have a multi-touch screen.

  • Geek

Too late...
Android will be the dominant platform