Samsung to pull the plug on its Milk Video service in November

29 September, 2015
Samsung's YouTube competitor Milk Video, which was launched back in November last year, is shutting down. According to the South Korean company, it will pull the plug on the service in the month of November.

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  • Kenjie

Nope. Never heard of it until now. So okay, back to your phones...

  • Anonymous

Never even knew this app existed. I only seen Milk Music which the ads keep popping up in websites telling me to install it. Good choice to get rid of unused app. Next, get rid of the Samsing Galaxy Life app. I hate it. Get rid of Touchwizz too. I pray the day that new update will gives us stock android experience. One OS platform for all brands. Android skin should be a thing of the past.

  • Optional

Realy samsung had a video service??

  • AnonD-364786

dexterouz, 29 Sep 2015Thank god, one more app down. Samsung should focus on google app... mores health is as messy as any other samsung apps ;-)

  • our dream

If only,
The header is "Samsung to pull the plug on its Touchwiz Interface from all of its android devices in November",
All people will say "Hooray ^^ Yippee ^^ Thanks God ^^ Finally ^^ !!"

But.. the reality is always sooo saaad,
Because we know all above is only dream that will never comes true.

  • AnonD-345936

thanks GSMArena for informing us that samsung have a video service :)

Thank god, one more app down. Samsung should focus on google apps and some quality apps like SNote, S Health etc and cut off Samsung app, default store, browser and all. This will help RAM, background process and storage a lot.

The name is as stupid as the service is needless.

  • Anonymous

It looks like iOS in those screenshots (translucency, button design, circular profile photos). Meh...

wait what? samsung had a video service ?

mir, 29 Sep 2015Most people did not even know it existed, anyway.They should rename it as "Apple Milk" in return, they can offer 20% discount on Apple's SoC manufacturing cost :P

Most people did not even know it existed, anyway.