Updated Google Chromecast and Chromecast Audio unveiled

29 September, 2015
Google's Chromecast was the best-selling item on Amazon at one point and now there's a new one. There's also Chromecast Audio with multi-room support.

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  • Rocky

When its launching in India???/
Want to buy ...

  • Go on!

I wonder how many of those features are REALLY related with hardware or it is only an issue of software (to force users to upgrade). Pardon me, but we Android users are already pissed of with this dirty upgrade game. I don't hesitate to throw the old Chromecast to toilet and piss over it when it is done for me and refuse any future upgrades if none of these features comes to old one.

AnonD-279572, 29 Sep 2015No 4K, i'm out.Ok bye!

  • Juwon

Does this mean I have to by the new one? I have the old one.

  • AnonD-279572

No 4K, i'm out.