These HTC smartphones are confirmed to get Android 6.0 Marshmallow

29 September, 2015
HTC will begin rolling out the new firmware to its flagship smartphones before the end of this year.

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  • AnonD-421992

Thanks for Confirming that HTC is giving Andriod V6.0 to HTC Desire 820..

  • Anonymous

Maximilian , 30 Sep 2015Where's my desire eye??? Not fair if desire 816 receive and... moreDesire Eye...what a stupid and retarded name.

  • Kress

Wchich year? 2015? Take with pinch of salt all what HTC peope are saying.

  • canned.acid

As always they are the first to announce and as always will be the last to deliver.. The real roasting will begin when they fail to deliver and start dropping devices off the list... They are a joke when it comes to updates...

  • Jarret

Why must Marshmallow go to HTC, not Samsung?

  • evan

can't see the pic. Do you guys see if HTC Desire Eye will Receive Marshmallow? Thanks!

  • Anonymous

Too bad the roasting already occurs with detuned snapdragon.

Such horrible name given to models :|

  • Anonymous

I don't understand the logic of these manufacturers. As long as the hardware can support they can provide updates regularly. Look at Sony. They are pretty good.

  • Anonymous

soo ... whats new ??

  • Maximilian

Where's my desire eye??? Not fair if desire 816 receive and my desire eye not receive!!!!

  • AnonD-40425

AnonD-446161, 30 Sep 2015What to expect? I'm still unsure if this news is fact or ju... moreNot rumors, they were confirmed!

  • AnonD-40425

I talked to them and they confirmed that it will delivered with the Sense 7!

  • D

more device that would not get updated would be added to the list. Desire user are screwed

  • AnonD-446161

What to expect? I'm still unsure if this news is fact or just rumours.
I am using HTC desire 820 and still I've not got lollipop update, should I expect marshmallow? :(

  • Heavy reader

No wonder they just left by customers..
Only new Flagship which got updated.