Sony Xperia M2 and M2 Aqua leapfrog 5.0, get 5.1 Lollipop update

30 September, 2015
The two 2014 models were still on Android 4.4.4 KitKat before the update.

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  • yk

Come on sony,, my xperia z1 is still 5.0

  • AnonD-168650

Thank you sony

  • Heavy reader

Xperia version of android is lightly modified.
So they only need to do litle work when it comes to updating the firmware.

  • k

why not update t3 as well?

  • Amir

I really want to know is that lolipop update will be arrived at malaysia?thank you

  • AnonD-85136

Great. Congratulations sony for your real efforts. Sony is the best

  • AnonD-362866

lol hahahahahahahahaha

  • ASH

what about the update for m2 dual????????

  • Anonymous

A lot complain king here, whether Sony rolling out update, the trolls work hard more than the company.

  • kiran

Update for sony xperia m2 dual ......?

  • max

What abouth E4g, wolud be great if also gets 5.1 soon

  • User

The update is AMAZING. About half of my ram are free even when all my personal apps are running. When it boots, it's lag a bit but I think the update it's worth it

  • AnonD-437469

AnonD-442781, 30 Sep 2015The galaxy s5 will probably jump to marshmallow. But chances are... moreNo way will it be in December or January they updated s5 to lollipop quite late and for marshmallow they will focus on s6 and note before they focus on s5 that will be few behind new Samsung devices

  • AnonD-442781

Anonymous, 30 Sep 2015I really honestly can't believe how Sony updated so many of thei... moreThe galaxy s5 will probably jump to marshmallow. But chances are that release is in December or January.

Sony bring many bugs in update. So I think downgrade is batter..

  • AnonD-418881

Waterproof lollipop !! Lol.. :D

  • AnonD-93439

people 2014 = Sony has bad support & they don't update their phones.
Sony 2015 = YOU GET 5.1.1, YOU GET 5.1.1, EVERY BODY GETS 5.1.1
people 2015 = well shi! :|

  • Anonymous

I really honestly can't believe how Sony updated so many of their phone to the newest available api android 5.1 and so many people so they are slow with updates and Samsung are fast lol just to let you know the Samsung galaxy s5 is on 5.0 it hasn't even got updated for some reason while the xperias where updated months ago just wanted to know what people think about it now