LG V10 goes official with secondary display and a duo of front-facing cameras

1 October, 2015
The Korean manufacturer’s latest flagship phablet will hit the shelves in Korea this month in five different color schemes.

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  • Mallik

Very interesting features. But seems nearly 200 grams weight very heavy to carry in pocket.

Very very very interesting!!!!

  • AnonD-387177

AnonD-223316, 02 Oct 2015Just to be clear, I hate non-removable batteries. Besides that, ... moreThat's why i can get battery replacement for 50 eurs for example, and change it myself. If i had phone with non-removable battery then i need to send my phone on service, pay the battery and service work. IT would cost me around 150 eur+ time the service had my phone. Even in warranty period. They dont cover battery problems with warranty

If it had been easy to cancel a subscription and monthly payment for broken phone and just buy another one then there ould be no problem with non-removable batteries.

Also if phone glitches or freezes just remove battery and will reset itself. It isnt easy to reset non-removable battery phone.

  • AnonD-446309

AnonD-223316, 02 Oct 2015That also is one of the reasons why I would like to have a remov... moreyeah my brother had this zerolemon battery, it makes the phone so thick and ugly yet the battery is tough to drain in a full day of usage. he has a S4 ,

  • AnonD-223316

drsteen, 01 Oct 2015What non-removable battery?That was a response to Aldred who stated that great design doesn't always compromises the removable battery!

This is the excuse manufacturers are using to make you buy devices with non-removable batteries.

  • AnonD-223316

AnonD-387177, 01 Oct 2015Lol if there is battery malfunction after 1 year of usage, i sho... moreJust to be clear, I hate non-removable batteries. Besides that, in Europe the default warranty is 2 years by law. That is about how long most phones last nowadays, after this they seem to become unstable (Samsung) and start to reboot spontaneously. Fortunately mine started doing this just two weeks before my two year warranty was over, so I managed to have the motherboard replaced for free :D Hope it will work for a while now.

If the law would require the phones to last 3 years, they would last three years, because that is what manufacturers are doing. They design the devices in such a way, that it will break down after a while so you will be forced to open up your wallet again an consume.

And yeah, if you pay 700 for a phone with non-removable battery and it stops working, then you will either have to pay a lot of money to have it replaced, or get a new one.

Also, it is known that all those quick charge technologies make the batteries wear down faster. If you have one of those phones and the battery cannot be taken out, I advise you to only use the quick charge feature when required. If you charge it by night, you better just use an old charger with a lower current so it will charge slowly.

  • AnonD-223316

AnonD-446309, 01 Oct 2015im a type of user who used to switch batteries whenever the othe... moreThat also is one of the reasons why I would like to have a removable battery. But what I did with my S3 LTE is get a huge 7000mAh battery from zerolemon and put that in my phone. It makes it thick, even more hideous than the S3 was by itself, and very heavy. But I think it feels comfortable in my hands, it will definitely not just slip and the battery lasts an eternity :D

For the G4, they even have a 8500mAh battery so that is even bigger. I guess they will release one for the V10 as well. (www.zerolemon.com)

  • saki

is this not a copy of motorola moto x ? the smart notifications are started by motorola without secondary display. .only needed pixels glow and give notifications. ..lg did good work . but motorola users are enjoying this from 2 years. .

  • AnonD-69898

LG is one of the very few companies to try different things.
Now many companies are inspired by their signature features like Laser Autofocus, Back button, double tap to wake screen etc,.
Now this phone is one more example for their Innovations and ideas.
Nice phone LG :)

  • AnonD-114814

AnonD-317739, 01 Oct 2015can't wait for the complete review..A smaller screen is for notification and serves primarily due to consumption of the battery, imagine that you for all that you arrive messages, calls and more involve the display of 5.7 inches, a very innovative of lg

  • AnonD-278667

Marketing is needed LG..more tv adds,campaigns,advertising and promotions..Great job lg..looks a better deal than the note 5 for sure.

  • WoooooBaby

This is a superb looking phone...!!! This is precisely what the G4 should have been... LG can potentially gain a lot of last market share with this baby... off course with the right price... I would price it somewhere between $500 - 600 ...

  • AnonD-435885

Look at the size... what the hell LG is thinking?
Didn't they just ruined last two or three quarter of sales?
Its bigger than a Note 5 yet theres no pen
believe or not there are ton of people like Note5 but still had to ditch them due to its size

Since when people are buying phones thats bigger than 5.5" with no pen
They must remember why G2 was so successful, it was slim and compact
then they went to G3 which was big a shit and unnecessary

  • Freed0m17

Why make this? they could just make this the next G5 series...so sexy looking.

  • Mildgargle

Anonymous, 01 Oct 2015LG V10 really make a big commotion isn't it. Dual front camera a... moreThe dual camera and speakers were implemented on the one m8. Dual speakers was a good idea. The dual camera was a good idea but poorly used.

  • techmad

Epic Phone LG!! Well Done...I'd buy this in a heartbeat but will wait for reviews to come in and see whats what.

Ritzie, 01 Oct 2015Have you even studied on the effect of dual cameras? HTC One M8... moreNo, I haven't. I don't need to, all the cameras work the same way, and stop make me laugh with hTC and their cameras.

Yes, customers nowadays indeed, agree with you on that. That's why nuisance like this even exists, or phones with super ultra megapixel front cum selfie camera.

In short, learn Physics, and get a life.

  • Mark

My iFruit friend want it as well.

  • Mark

Wooow, it is amazing!!! Life is Good.

Thank you LG for your hard work. I'll say goodbye to Samy earlier.

  • nina

lg ,come on release this beautiful phone to my beautiful country the philippines