Motorola announces which of its devices will get Android 6.0 updates

02 October, 2015
The now public list may unfortunately be a lot smaller than many have expected.

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  • Sachin

Please provide update for Moto G (First Generation). Last release has lots of BUGS.....
My phone became damp slow after update.... Please look at your rival they still provides update/s for their old phone, WHY CAN'T MOTO????

That's one of the main reason I'm no longer interested in buying any MOTO phone!!!!

  • Rome

Hello, please bring marshmallow 6.0 software for moto x 2nd gen.

  • AnonD-637462

I want android 6.O update in my Moto e 1gen

  • Tbag King

Please I need 6.0 update for Moto G 1rst gen I want to play The Walking Dead Season 3

  • AnonD-626635

plz give update for moto g 1st generation plz i am requesting u

  • Kalam

Taarak Patel, 19 Apr 2016Please give android 6.0 marshmallow update for moto G 1st g... moreVery good

  • Akhil

Ramesh, 15 Oct 2016When will u release m to moto g .... Pls update soobNice phone

  • ar

please update also moto G 1 for android 6 and above all are moto products.

  • Mohammed

Anonymous, 01 Nov 2016moto 1st gen need 6.0 update Nice

  • Anonymous

moto 1st gen need 6.0 update

  • VNaidu

please release the update for moto g soon.

  • Anonymous

Kindly release update for Moto G 1st gen as well

  • Razeen

Please release the marshmallow update to Moto g first generation please.

  • Ramesh

When will u release m to moto g .... Pls update soob

  • Ramesh

When will u release m to moto g .... Pls update soob

  • Anonymous

Plz provide the marshsmallow update in Moto 1st generation

  • Pankaj

Plz moto(lenovo company) give me update to marshmallow version to my moto X plz

  • krish

AnonD-552884, 25 Jun 2016Dear Motorola Please provide 6.0 update for mot g 1st gen ... moreBluetooth connectivity in Lollipop is different from previous os..
It can visible only when Bluetooth settings is open..

  • AnonD-579506

Will my moto G 1st gen get M update.
Is it possible to have cast screen option in my moto G 1st gen.

  • Anonymous

Pl Motorola(lenovo company) give android m for moto x 1st gen in future