Moto E 2nd Gen and Moto X 2nd Gen carrier versions to not get Marshmallow update

03 October, 2015

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  • AnonD-301306

The thing I realized now reading comments is that now Motorola is owned by Lenovo, which is probably why there's been a change of heart considering updates.

I'm buying a new laptop next month. Was considering a Yoga Pro 3 for $1K, and you know what, Lenovo? If my 2nd gen Moto E isn't updated, I will neither buy another Motorola device, nor will you get hundreds of dollars from me on my laptop purchase next month. I'll just buy a Surface Pro.

When OEMs update, it's not just about the device, it's about consumer trust. Considering the recent security scandals they've had, Lenovo isn't in the best position to pull this crap. They lost me as a customer. I'm sure MS will be happy to get my $1K.

  • AnonD-301306

HA559, 03 Oct 2015If you are looking for a android phone with long term support th... moreFrankly one shouldn't have to spend $500+ to expect at least ONE big OS update within a year of release. Going from 5.0 to 6.0 isn't asking much of any OEM.

  • Anonymous

All incomplete news for hits

  • HA559

If you are looking for a android phone with long term support then best is to go for a flagship phone. They will get updates for 2,3 some even 4 years. It is better in the long term than buying 2 or more budget phones in that 4 year period, just so you can have the latest android version. Moto E2 as we are lead to believe won't have android. Yet in 6 months time the Moto E3 with similar specs will have android 6.

  • AnonD-399757

gokul96, 03 Oct 2015My 3yrs old Lumia 620 stil getting updatesAnd how many big apps can you run on your 3 year old Lumia? I'll bet many aren't supported!

  • AnonD-399757

Lol... Motorola was owned by Google meaning they could give timely updates. Now they're owned by Lenovo it isn't exactly rocket science that the updates would stop!

This is the major problem of Android, fragmentation. Out of so many big player out there, so far only iPhone, current Lumia and BlackBerry 10 series will keep getting update even after 3 year. But there is pro and cons for that, some update does increase the performance some.... *Cough* Apple *Cough* not doing well on optimizing. There is some Fork Android manufacturer that will keep update their phone, such as Xiaomi. However if you want a stock Android experience and keep getting update, get a Nexus device then.

  • AnonD-212284

That sucks moto fans. Really suck.

AnonD-434000, 03 Oct 2015nly 22% phones are runnin on lolipop and now it seems that only ... moreAt the moment yes, but later you can be certain that more devices will get android 6. Same thing happened with Sony devices.

  • Blagster

WhiskeyHotel99, 03 Oct 2015I have a E second gen it is ok but screen seems to vibrate vigor... moreSeem to remember the advert promised future updates so this is really bad of Motorola/Lenovo.

  • moto x 1 gen

pls correct mozo x 1 gen will not updated
moto x 2 will get update 6.0

Sun Sand, 03 Oct 2015wow, thats really commendable! i feel motivated and likely to co... moreYes support from Microsoft is very good compared to any other android devices

Anonymous, 03 Oct 2015but it doesn support otgYes. But its a 3 yrs old phone. You have to note that

  • copy23

Where is the 18 months support for devices?! all brands, carriers have to do updates for theyr devices at least in 18 months next of launch so...Motorola doenst give the word!

What is the point? nobody buy the Moto E, because for theyr price have better options for not more than 100$ have devices wich will be updated to Mashmallow! :)

  • AnonD-434000

nly 22% phones are runnin on lolipop and now it seems that only 5% of them gonna get marshmelo... if this is the condition why to release new updates... better to shift to microsoft or iphone...

  • Anonymous

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Oh well. That's Android for you.

  • AnonD-442781

Yep, lenovo fired most of the software team of Motorola, that'll probably be why.

gokul96, 03 Oct 2015My 3yrs old Lumia 620 stil getting updateswow, thats really commendable! i feel motivated and likely to consider a windows ph in the short future!!

Its not a wise thing to buy from a Carrier, back here in India -Nobody does!

God damn it lenovo. You had one job not to screw up motorola and you blew it.