Nokia X6 16GB gets a price tag, now available for preorder

05 February, 2010
What we like about Nokiaís announcements is that every time they announce a product they also mention its estimated price. Well, almost every time. They didnít say a word on Nokia X6 16GBís pricing so...

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  • andy burgin

Will drop down quickly the price of the X6,Lg as got no chance beating the X6,just wished Nokia could have put a 8 mega-pixel camera on the X6 instead of there usual 5 one thats annoying alot of Nokia fans nowdays,hope on the next couple of weeks we see something more outstanding from Nokia as all we get is 5 mega-pixel camera mobiles but the others offering more,thats why i am trying the Satio out as its go the symbian software on it so like a Nokia mobile but a 12 mega-pixel camera mobile not 5

  • Anonymous

In Portugal on the Nokia Online shop you can preorder tha black version of X6 16Gb plus BH-505 bluetooth headset for 399Ä. the BH-505 bluetooth headset offer is stock limited.

  • ryk

Its N97 mini plus Capacitive screen minus QWERTY keyboard. The price is the same, its just a matter of choice, QWERTY or Capacitive input.
Nokia has filled the market with choices... on their own products.

  • brynn

Why not buy 5800 and buy 16gb card should save another 110 GBP at a caertain website

  • Anonymous

to be fair my dad and little sister both have lg arenas and they're brilliant little phones, I still prefer my 5530 though

  • Anonymous

It's only a clue! I had two of them and they were sooooo annoying.
The KS20 incredible bad
and the KM900 Arena incredible worse!!
A huge number of bugs pared with worse quality and even worse support!
Buy everything else but LG!

  • Anonymous

they say this phone has insane music quality, gotta check it out

  • Anonymous

Well my n5800xm is better, by then i will wait for LG GW990, the new platform.