Why the Nexus phones don't have Qi wireless charging: USB Type-C rocks

05 October, 2015
Part of the reason we liked the Nexus 5 (2013) so much was that it incorporated technology that wasn’t mainstream yet – things like OIS and wireless charging. So it was disappointing to see the new Nexus phones take a step back, but at least now we know why.

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  • AnonD-101492

Seeing as charging the enormous 6P battery with Type-C only takes 97 minutes from 1-100% puts its exactly on par with Quickcharge enabled phones from multiple brands. So your argument about 15W just doesn't hold any value.

Also, wireless charging is only 35% efficient, 65% of the energy is wasted as heat which makes it altogether a pretty poor solution until the technology can be improved.

  • AnonD-442781

I wouldn't mind if they got rid of wireless charging, its just a gimmick in my opinion. Phone charges faster and can be more easily used while charging when using wired. It takes less than a second to plug it in, and with type-c it should be a lot easier too.

  • AnonD-190634

I don't care much, Price may be a good reason but thinness is not :| but maybe in their case it would increase size by much!

  • Anonymous

Cost saving is probably the key objective here?

  • Anonymous

Lumia 950 and 950XL have Qi and USB Type-C :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Oct 2015USB Type-C, like Lightning, is very small, very portable, a... moreHow is it more cumbersome than picking up a plug, finding the hole and making sure it snaps in? Have you ever used wireless charging?

Also you can still use the phone while it's on the charging pad or stand.

  • Anonymous

indo, 05 Oct 2015Cut the cost new nexus, in order to make new nexus cheaper ... moreThis!

  • Anonymous

"The USB Type-C is indeed easier to plug in, there's no reason for this to be an either-or situation."

EXACTLY. I think this has less to do with USB C being "awesome" and more to do with keeping the Nexis 5x cheap. Too bad. Wireless charging is so much more convenient than any type of plug.

  • S class

I don't know why people like wireless charging so much. Firstly, of all its very slow. Even if you have fast wireless charging (which is only available in s6edge+ and note5) its still slower than wired charging.
Secondly, if we want to use our phone while its charging wirelessly we have to pick up our phone and that disconnects changing. With wired charging it continues to charge even if we pick up our phone which to me is better.
Lastly, USB Type-C makes charging even easier since its reversible.
Now these are my opinion only so don't start a fight over this in the comment section.

Sigh! People sure are becoming lazier day by day..

  • JKay

So disappointed. I have bought wireless chargers for both my parents houses and for my own house a year ago... thought this was the future. My parents love it. I love it... and now it seems only Samsung supports it... I don't understand...

Sigh! People sure are becoming lazier day by day..

  • KojakWeb

Google seems to morphing slowly slowly into Apple, trying to spin an omission as a deliberate feature.

No OIS, citing it's not's necessary for still photopraphy, but what about video? Reviews/previews so far say that video performance is horrible. Would I be cynical in thinking that the same camera with OIS would have cost Google a bit more?

Neither phone have wireless charging, reason being they don't need it anymore with the advent of USB-C, and the phone with be thicker. Funny how Samsung managed to incorporate two wireless charging standards in their recent generation of flagship phones, which are still thinner then the Nexus devices. Would I be cynical in thinking that wireless charging would have cost Google a bit more?

Price. Isn't it weird how quite by accident that the Nexus phones seem to be exactly £200 cheaper than the Apple equivalent phone.

Two different Chromecasts. When asked why produce two variants, rather than have one with all the ports, they claimed that each device was purpose built for the function they served. Right, so you can't pipe music to a video chromecast?

These things are starting to stack up and point to a company that is trying to mimic Apple's slimey slickness, and not realising that's one of the very things that puts people off?

  • indo

Cut the cost new nexus, in order to make new nexus cheaper than compatitor, come on guys, economic slow down remember...

  • Anonymous

USB Type-C, like Lightning, is very small, very portable, and very easy to use.

Wireless charging is misleading since there is a wire attached to a huge charging pad. It is even more cumbersome than traditional wired charging.

And anyway, how do you use your phone while it is wirelessly charging?

  • rynn

[deleted post]If you cant support Wireless Technology.

Dont try to condemn it... We want Technology Improvement, not excuse.

half of people who care about wireless charging are people who use cases... so just buy case with wireless charging... I had one for xperia Z, I had even one for old galaxy s4. its not that big, but because I hate cases, I put it in closed and forget about, it cost about 5-15Euro so it was not that big of problem.

  • Veronica

What a bullshit, hoe much thinner are the new Nexus phone if an wireless charging part is just 0.02mm thick?

Bullshit Google.