Xiaomi CEO: Redmi Note 2 on track to reach 10 million sales

05 October, 2015
The CEO points to the automated production line, saying it enabled to improve quality while keeping prices in check. 

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  • Manish

don't purchase any MI phone its service is very bad lots of people u see in service center and i am one of them

  • danish

I want to buy xiomi redmi note 2, please tell me , from where i can buy it

  • Dev

Rajesh P, 18 Oct 2015please do not wait for it to launch in india. seems the company ... moreXiaomi Note 2 is facing legal battle with Ericsson in India for Violating copyright issue ,
that's why they are delaying their launching this model in India.
Otherwise how can a mobile brand missed the opportunity for selling their brand in world's 2nd largest mobile phone user.

  • Rajesh P

please do not wait for it to launch in india. seems the company has no plans to disclose. this is a clear message .. it may not be launched in india

  • Anonymous

Late launching of Redmi note 2 will result in loosing brand value & customer in India. No one would like to be associated with outdated brand in 5.5 inch category.

  • M.a.Kaium

please launch it in bangladesh. there are a lot of fan in BD. & i am using redmi note 2.

  • AnonD-448745

When note 2 will come in India what will be the expected price and in which month it coming

  • manu

when is launching redmi note 2 prime in india

  • arun

am waiting note 2 prime

  • Shyam sundar

I am waiting for redmi note 2

  • amit

i'm waiting for redmi note 2

  • aija

AnonD-362903, 06 Oct 2015the most crappy factory on earthSir, you convinced me! All these arguments of yours surely made my mind, thank you for your participation. It was very instructive.

  • vinod

i am waiting for redimi note 2 in india ............ many pepoles are egarly waiting for note 2......

  • AnonD-362903

the most crappy factory on earth

  • Mahendra

When will release redmi note 2 prime in india ? Plz release mi note 2 prime india . I am waiting for buy this mobile . This phone specifications really supeb and low price . I know this phone release in india it create trend .

  • Anonymous

They just have to sell the Mi 4c in USA, it will massacre all the other phone brands, but since apple has the monopoly they will never allow a high end spec- low $ phone to make it to the states

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Oct 2015Yawn..zzz meanwhile it would take another year to be officially ... moreYou can buy it right now on geekbuying. Nothing is stopping you, it costs only $162 and that is shipping included.

ssbatman21, 05 Oct 2015they cant launch redmi note 2 in india due to patent issues with... moreThank you for the information about Mediatek SOC! Now i am curious as to how other company's including Sony are able launch their phs with Mediatek chips in India?

*I have owned the Redmi 1S and the Redmi Note 3g and have absolutely loved using them!!
Currently on a Lenovo K3 Note and can hardly wait to grab the Note 2!!

  • AnonD-448186

can you tell me that redmi note 2 when will online sell in india i waiting these phone a long time

  • sandeep

what abut the solution of heating of all xiaomi phne