Meizu to launch m2 in India on October 12

06 October, 2015
No info yet on pricing.

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  • aaryan

i am just waiting for this phone bt i think it's not a gaming mobile. infocus 350 is best than meizu m2 becoz the infocus 350 has all the games are run without hanging problem and those camera quality is also good in snapdeal its camera ppi is 296 and here 294 one tym pls show the infocus 350


Waiting for long time and done lots of research and found only one problem . It is dual sim but support only one sim at a time and a SD card

  • AnonD-440254

Can't wait for the best ever budget phone 📱

  • Anonymous

I'm waiting to hear more about the Meizu Pro 5, the only con rumored so far is the camera which hopefully straightens itself out before release.

  • Anonymous

Meizu, please release pro 5 as soon as possible...cant wait...

  • Anonymous

Introducing the iMeizu m2c.

  • AnonD-267168

waiting for this mobile since one month

  • AnonD-448280

release Meizu pro 5 please asap

  • Anonymous

where will be listed ???

  • AnonD-208951

good for Meizu