Microsoft Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL will be sold by AT&T in the US

06 October, 2015
The two new flagship Windows smartphones will be available at least at one carrier stateside.

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  • nick

bkbajaj, 01 Dec 2015Too expensive can't afford.It's way more powerful, larger, and cheaper than an iphone 6s plus. The 950 is even cheaper and still more powerful...

  • bkbajaj

Too expensive can't afford.

  • AnonD-11777

Anonymous, 07 Oct 2015GSMARENA seriously needs to update their article. These pho... moreThis is the major problem with bloggers. One source can spread FUD and all the others won't bother to fact check. The L950 XL is clearly on Microsoft's US website as unlocked(and it uses T-Mobiles bands). The L950 is on At&t's site but that don't mean it's exclusive because they(At&t) would've said it in their press release. T-Mobile's own CEO got duped by this same source and stuck his foot up his mouth, when he should've known better.

  • vhh

Well I read on microsoft website said lumia 950 and 950 xl unlocked global dual sim support all us LTE network.. so it doesn't matter .. I will buy the unlocked one

  • Anonymous

GSMARENA seriously needs to update their article. These phones are not exclusive to AT&T. CNET already updated theirs.

"Correction, 1:54 p.m. PT:The deal between AT&T and Microsoft for the Lumia 950 is not an exclusive one."

  • The mailman

This move will kill Windows Phones. They were stupid the first time they did and now they are suicidal.

  • jaja binks

aaarrgghhh.. y y y? ATT will never market windows phone like it should
question: can i buy directly from microsoft and use on another network? say T-mobile. Btw. I am an ATT customer but plan on switching the minute the phone is available.

  • Noel

Lol...exclusive to one Carrier? They must be kidding. Seriously can Microsoft afford to go with such a revenue killing model of selling phones in 2015/2016. I thought they were trying to expand the reach of Windows phones. I don't get the thinking of some of these Companies.

  • atc123

I was waiting anxiously for the 950xl to switch from android, but to go with ATT , no but no thanks.

  • Anonymous

Same mistake again and again.
Good luck Microsoft, someone deserve to get fired and loss money.

  • AnonD-56425

Wow microsoft so marketing much sell!

  • AnonD-56425

AnonD-123996, 07 Oct 2015Hey i heard 950XL will have a removable battery and SD card... moreit is true!

  • Anonymous

It's a mistake!!!

  • AnonD-141635

It is bad idea, simply because career exclusive devices don't go much far in USA
They should have done what lg did with g2 to gain momentum in USA, after nexus 4 the general public started taking lg seriously, lg did introduce lot of folks to Android with their lg optimus one and its variants that were available on every carrier, however the following devices like the 2x & 3d destroyed their reputation in USA .
Microsoft has also burned the folks and firms by their wp7 fiasco,
So now when they have created buzz, why not make it easily available across the carries
Microsoft does not have the kidney selling fans like apple.

  • AnonD-448770

Just seems stupid to me that when they are already struggling for sales, They go an restrict these phones to one carrier. I say open it up, give them to eveyone. make them as cheap as possible and customers will come in, They will never take some custoemrs from apple, samsung and the rest of android but if the deal is good enough some people will.
After having Nokia for 10 years myself, I've just moved to an Xperia Z5, I'm struggling with it and may end up returning it in the 14 day cooling off period. once you use windows phone you realize how simple and easy to use it actually is. I mean, before, Cortana read my text messages for me, no setup needed, it just did it, and interrupted any type of audio from my car to do so. I didn't have to be playing audio from my phone. can my Z5 do this? probably, but does it do it nativity? no, i have to mess around installing 3rd party apps with adverts just for this. why isn't it built into google now? Windows phone wont die, but its not going to thrive when these phones are exclusive.

  • ShariqShah

yes its a very good phone, as compare to previous models of Microsoft this device is slim as well....

  • AnonD-361638

Pure view is to see its camera results. I am sure it will be BEST.better then iphone 6s n note 5 n S6

  • Anonymous

And when they complain about low sales in the US, I'll be sure to remind everyone of their idiotic decisions.

  • AnonD-123996

Hey i heard 950XL will have a removable battery and SD card. Is that true? If thats true i am going to buy the blue 950XL :)

  • AnonD-203518

[deleted post]they quoted a source that even updated the article to state that it was not an exclusive agreement to carry the phones but just At&t stating they would sale the phones.