GSMArena giveaway: Enter to win a 64GB OnePlus 2

11 October, 2015
The unit was provided by our partners from

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  • AnonD-452887

Great phone,
already use the 1+1
waiting to get 1+2
I wish i can have this phone.
Its trully a greaat phone from oneplus.

  • Ufii

How do we enter??
Is it by posting a commemt?

oh my!!! best of luck to everyone

  • Harendra

With Snapdragon processor at such a low price....commendable..i think people will always go for this..

  • stargazzer

am loving this

  • shawn

What to do if I got 2 entries by silly mistake?

  • matt3


  • anil

it is a amaging phone. I will buy it.

  • AnonD-452861

When you wish upon a star.....

  • Aminooo1997

i realy want and need this phone

  • AnonD-452852

Good phone, good promo.

  • AnonD-240402

i like the phone , i like the giveaway , i really want to win this phone :)

  • AnonD-452849

gsm arena group you are doing great job
keep it up.I wish myself all the best of luck

  • Casper

Make a wish! ;)

  • AnonD-452846

i hope i win it :)
gsmarena always and forever ;)

  • asadaliiiii

Thanks GSMarena .
Thanks for the opportunity

  • Me

An opportunity worth grabbing.

  • messi

rajinder, 12 Oct 2015arena you are doing great jobthank you

  • KareemMclean

Wish I could win I never win anything before

  • AnonD-451361

Please, please, please! I need it!

  • AnonD-188697

Good move ,from kurdistan you are first source