Week 41 in review: Lumia is big news, OnePlus Mini excites

11 October, 2015
The Lumia 950 duo completely outshone the Lumia 550. There were some heated arguments this week too.

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I think Lumia 950 is more attractive than it's big brother. Higher pixel density and relatively compact size will be the key reasons.

  • AnonD-450809

coolpad note just lunched last friday,with fingerprint sensor not included...!!! waiting for ur news cover in next few days...!!!

Truth is we are all just about to find out how great is to be in microsoft family (Based on how they did introduced their devices...) Why?/> Lumia 950XL: CGG4+amoled5,7inch+3340mAh+removable+Qi-charging­+QHD+Battery-friendlyOS, 20Mp+betterOIS+12800iso+non-wide angle lens with natural 3color led+rich recording(with 4mics) better software(natural colors new processing, fast shooting, 2photos taken: sharp+longer-exposure), then USB-typeC(connect whatever - HDD,projector,LCD,mouse,keyboard/...)+dualSIM+ir­is scaner+FMradio+32and200GB mem+165g+greater looks+front-wide-angle camera+++possible availability of android apps(/iOS) in future with Project Astoria (and Project Islandwood(?))