Weekly poll: Microsoft Lumia 950, 950 XL, 550 - hot or not

11 October, 2015
About a decade after Nokia launched the Lumia 930, Microsoft finally managed to follow up with a post acquisition flagship smartphone.

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  • AnonD-707018

Lumia 950XL Dual Sim. Bad experience. The apps i usually had from the other platform that i switched from are normally outdated if not inexistent (Social Media, Messenger Apps, Navigational Apps, Banking Apps, etc). And just recently all of a sudden, Camera's gone bad. Keeps focusing and can't get any decent pictures. Going back to android. But man, that's a lot of money i wasted on garbage phone.

  • Bruce

I bought the Microsoft Lumia 950xl and the Bluetooth does not work and the software is too buggy. I hate this phone ans I only had it for 6 weeks.

rin, 16 Jan 2016Software are something that u can upload and recreate and d... moreit's been 3 months since that message. no new software at all.

  • rin

regs, 12 Oct 2015Let's sort it out 1. Maps. Almost no good maps app. Bing a... moreSoftware are something that u can upload and recreate and develope but the hardwares of ur phone you cannot change. Camera, processor, screen display removeable batt and expandable memory cards or dual sim card slots are not something u cant have unless u break ur fone

  • Chethan 7204442743

I just bought 950xl toady im really upset with the phone waste of my every penny which i spent to buy this crap handset I had a huge expection on this device but I was totally turned down when I experienced it the heating problem which is damn too hot to handle just take a few snaps the phone turns into iron box* :(


One of the dummbest and worst windows platform It dosent support SHAREIT,CALL RECORDING,LESSER APPS TO DOWNLOAD knowing all this backdrops no one is gobba buy it.

  • AnonD-405901

Anonymous, 18 Oct 2015I don't purchase things based on marketshare, sorry! Thats ... moreMicrosoft's phone business takes a hit in Q3
Enjoy with your Trash

PS: I have iPhone 6 and Xperia Z1
Android, iOS >>>>>> Windows FOREVER

  • Anonymous

AnonD-405901, 15 Oct 2015Windows is totally garbage Smartphone OS Market Share, 20... moreI don't purchase things based on marketshare, sorry! Thats a lame excuse to buy a product don't you think? I like 950XL's hardware. The camera has 5th gen OIS, big aperture at f/1.9, triple led rgb flash, high ISO capability, USB type C, removable back/battery, futureproof microSD slot, gorilla glass 4, NFC, Snapdragon 810, wireless charging, high ppi amoled screen, iris scanner, continuum, miracast, etc.

You'll probably reply with app statistics next since the hardware is top notch. Similar to your marketshare analogy, I dont choose an OS based on the number of apps, I go for quality.

So stick with Android kid, I can decide on my own.

  • Anonymous

12,000 thumbs up. Good enough for me. Apple is a loser compare to their weekly poll.

  • san

so far Lumia 550 as the best specs for its price compared to any other brand which runs on android windows was far better,Expecting more from Microsoft corp........Please relase more devices.

everyone is entitled to have their own opinion, right, but I believe that we should give our hard earned money to have a device that suits our needs and smartphones nowadays is a necessity and as for me go for the brand/manufacturer you trust most rather than buy a different brand and then feel frustrated about it,

  • harry

AnonD-405901, 15 Oct 2015Windows is totally garbage Smartphone OS Market Share, 20... morestill I phone sales also low compare to android market ,but it doesn't mean I phone is garbage or etc,, It is just a brand .I phone, blackberry, htc and lumia .They are all maintaining there brand.Never compare anything with other

  • Ash

AnonD-405901, 15 Oct 2015Windows is totally garbage Smartphone OS Market Share, 20... moreThere are dumb minds out there, too. Never count on people. Plus, brains work differently. You call Windows garbage, I call your Andy garbage. Don't discourage people like that. Try to give out more professional comments rather than, "it's garbage, don't get it".

AnonD-422027, 15 Oct 2015it isnt actually sygic is pretty good ive been using sygic... morecomparing to yandex and 2gis maps, and even google maps, tom tom and navteq are much worse.

  • AnonD-405901

Anonymous, 13 Oct 2015Lots of Windows Phone haters here in the comments section. ... moreWindows is totally garbage
Smartphone OS Market Share, 2015Q2:
Android :82.8%
Windows Phone:13.9%
no need to say more but yes you can buy one ;)

  • AnonD-405901

Anonymous, 13 Oct 2015Windows is totally garbage Smartphone OS Market Share, 20... moreStill fan boys living in their own world!

  • AnonD-405901

ithehappy, 12 Oct 2015Depends on people's usage man, you don't need a set of spec... moreWell said

  • AnonD-405901

Anonymous, 13 Oct 2015The last time I checked Windows store, it has all the appli... morePeople claiming that other OS days are numbered because of Windows :P

Yeah heard that years before and still hearing. Still Windows nowhere in Picture LOOLL!!!!

  • AnonD-405901

1520 user, 13 Oct 2015Lol who cares about the multi player 8 ball pool game? From... moreOfcourse you will think 8 ball pool game is for children as you haven't played once. What world are you living? BTW are you snapchat??? LOOOL

  • AnonD-422027

regs, 13 Oct 2015It's paid and expensive yet Tom Tom maps aren't good.it isnt actually sygic is pretty good ive been using sygic on android for at least 3-4 years and ive travelled to 30+ countries - no internet nothing just offline turn by turn navigation and i can assure you not once has it been wrong or gotten me lost and its the exact same maps that they have gotten on windows - as for expense not really its usually on discount offers every month europe at 19€ and world at 29€ :) hope its been helpful