The big Android 6.0 Marshmallow update list

18 October, 2015
Here's a list of devices that have been confirmed to get updated to the new major Android version.

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  • R@M

When we will get marshmallow update for YU yureka?

  • Jp_PHL

When will be the release of the Marshmallow OS update for Sony Xperia C5 Ultra? Thanks.

  • Abhi

When I get update 6.0 marshmallaw in Yu Unicorn

  • AnonD-562778

Worst ever software ever seen
This is crap(marshmallow)

  • ravi

When I get update 6.0 marshmallaw in yureka

sir please talk me

  • Shashi

Yureka CEO marshmallow update announced 20/05/2016 to rescued after 30 days but He Say's 48 days completed no releasing
He says fake don't trust him

  • Anonymous

MI making full user in MIUI no Android update for old phone

  • aman

Shafeeq, 23 Jun 2016When I get update 6.0 marshmallaw in yureka I want update my yukerka but how its new android 6.0 its real or fake

  • Shafeeq

When I get update 6.0 marshmallaw in yureka

  • sanjay

Plz post an update of 6.0 for yu yureka plus soon

  • yureka plus YU 5510

New update plz Yureka plus yu5510

  • AnonD-537381

Is there any news about Android 6.0 on LG Magna H500f?

  • moorthy

marshmallow update in apr,20, mobile problem camera old claritymissing,battery life missing.

  • sam

i m going to update marshmallow for my sony xperia z3 shall i update????????????

  • fattuccini

Nat Sinith(Cambodia), 11 Jan 2016Why Samsung Note 3 can't update marshmallow? Its capacity is goo... morethank ur god coz its not hahaha because its bad

  • fattuccini

The Hater, 20 Mar 2016I hate the Marshmallow Update on LG G3 the reason is because eve... moreI have the same problem with apps like facebook and

  • Anonymous

HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE!! I have a LG G STYLO and ever since the Marshmallow update my battery drains very quickly, CPU constantly overheats when playing games, device is slow and sluggish. Have to restart phone 2-3 x day. It gets stuck and won't do anything. Wish I could undo tbis terrible update. Only had this phone 3 mths. Beware this update!!

  • AnonD-517743

My battery was amazing before March mellow. After the upgrade my battery doesn't even make it past lunch time. As well, I get text to speech errors now when I never got it before. I'm running an LG 4G and live it

  • The Hater

I hate the Marshmallow Update on LG G3 the reason is because ever since my phone updated to this version the google microphone has stopped working and the google toolbar doesn't find what you ask it to find; instead it just says try again or Offline. And yes my internet is on and my data is on and it just keeps saying offline.


  • Anonymous

where is micromax