Motorola QUENCHes thirst for Android without QWERTY

15 February, 2010
After yesterday's flurry of QWERTY-enabled phones, the Motorola QUENCH a.k.a CLIQ XT makes a case for pure touchscreen. It is a QWERTY-less Motorola DEXT (CLIQ) joining the Android crowd complete...

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  • JAG

nice phone, wanna get it

  • 100 Moto

As long as it has radio (first on an Android phone?), I'll get one...even though I just bought Milestone yesterday.

  • Anonymous

upgradable to android 2
nice phone

  • Anonymous

Man Swype is such a sick feature,

every on screen qwertyed phone should have it built in

  • FireDragon

After seeing many rumors appears true (as they usualy are) I am afraid to think about Google branded Motorola set. I hope that one is just a rumor or google will pick not a good designed Motorola phone for them because I really like one of up-coming one, I am actually considering for it as long as they stay under Motorola's name.

  • b

whats the processor?
Can we upgrade it to 2.1?

Whats the camera like? the sensor looks small...