Six Sony devices will jump straight to Android 6.0 from Android 5.0

16 October, 2015
The five smartphones and one tablet will not receive an update to Android 5.1.1 Lollipop in the meantime.

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  • dungeon _master

But When 6.0 willl come yr

  • dungeon _master

But When 6.0 willl come yr

Anonym, 18 Oct 2015No, it doesn't. There is always a new version just around ... moreNot really, I didn't get 5.1.1 too late on my Z3 Dual so quit complaining and bullshitting. If you want the best updates, then get a Z2, Z3, or Z5.

You're expecting updates on a cheap low end model device XD
Go buy an Xperia Z5 or M5, then expect an update.

  • Anonymous

will zr get a marshmallow update????

  • sonyy

What about Sony e4g! Is 2015 smartphone with 64 bit guad core 1.5 is enough powerful..??

  • AnonD-456120

Z2 is getting 6.0 along with the latest flagships

  • Anonym

Anonymous, 18 Oct 2015Makes perfect sense. More companies should do this. No, it doesn't.
There is always a new version just around the corner, if they did this as a policy they would never release any upgrade. Chances are that, just like happened here, 6.1 will arrive before you can get your hands on 6.0. Will you cheer then when Sony says no 6.0 for you we'll just wait for 6.1.... and then 6.2... and then 7.0... and so on?

  • sandy

what about Z xperia

  • shuvopd

what about sony Z2

  • Anonymous

Makes perfect sense. More companies should do this.

  • Sony e4g

Dd, 17 Oct 2015It is nice of sony to have m4 in update list. But what ab... moreThey may skip lollipop (and is better they to skip) and be directly updated to marshmallow.
Remember that list is not final.
Sony said at official blog that they working hard to push this major update to Sony smartphones as much they can. So expect new list next year..

  • RejZoR

AnonD-442781, 17 Oct 2015All 6 of them were released sometime this year. Not the gre... moreIt seems if you have Huawei, anything else looks better regarding update support lol XD

  • nik

nick, 17 Oct 2015what about xperia z1 z1 series won t get this update ! their support discontinued with original z series !!!!!! where is your justice :((

  • erfimerfi

we want it for z1 z ultra and z1c ...

  • LLL

Win-win solution by Sony.
Saving time & resource while getting more done.

  • nick

what about xperia z1

  • AnonD-669

Great news. But the question soon?

  • Anonymous

RejZoR, 16 Oct 2015Looks like my next phone will be Sony. At least someone who... moreCould be their last phones lol.

  • Anonymous

Even better news hah