Apple Music has 6.5 million paying users, Tim Cook reveals

20 October, 2015
A total of 6.5 million people are now paying to use Apple's music streaming service, according to the Cupertino-based company's CEO Tim Cook, who made the revelation at a technology conference yesterday.

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  • AnonD-442781

Anonymous, 21 Oct 2015What the heck are you talking about? Basic network effects... moreFirstly, no one has to know where you got it from. Secondly most aren't willing to pay when they can legally stream it for free, meaning there is more value in letting them steal it so you can reach those willing to pay for it. My point still holds.

Thirdly I don't pirate music.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-442781, 20 Oct 2015Basic economics, or even basic sense, would tell you that i... moreWhat the heck are you talking about? Basic network effects also tell you that more people will resort to stealing music as it becomes more popular.

You can tell yourself whatever you want to try to rationalize stealing, but at the end of the day you're still a parasite.

  • AnonD-205659

You wouldn't say that if you were a musician. If it takes you months to produce one song, more for an album, you'd really expect to be paid for the amount of work you do. If 10,000 people have a copy of your song and only half of those people actually bought your cd/songs/digital downloads, then you only get half the money you earn. Keep in mind the actual artist only gets a very small percentage of the money their songs/cds makes. That means that if 10,000 people have one of your songs and 5000 pirated this song, then if you made 20cents per song, you lose $1000 per song.

What if you worked as a lawyer and won 20 cases, but only got paid for 5? Exposure doesn't pay bills.

But it is free.. I can't help.
I'm not blind.

  • AnonD-308243

AnonD-442781, 20 Oct 2015Basic economics, or even basic sense, would tell you that i... morei think apple should try a more vigorous expansion by branding bottled water "fresher and better than water from any source on the planet" or air canisters "iair cleaner and healthier than any air to date" then those products will sell out in minutes by pre-orders alone never mind the ques at retail points they will be longest ques in history and they can make lots of money from thier global followers...briliant

  • Fnatic.Kecik`Imba


time cook should announce this results around Nov or Dec as most people who paid either forgot or don't know how to cancel the free trail which comes to an end around this month.

  • AnonD-442781

AnonD-205659, 20 Oct 2015Finally, commenters of this website are exposed. You all h... moreBasic economics, or even basic sense, would tell you that its beneficial to the musicians that you steal their songs if you weren't planning on buying it, due to network economies.

On topic Apple would be able to sell millions if they released a plain toothbrush with an Apple logo on it. Their marketing team is really good, so people feel special if their goods and services are produced by Apple, even with no other benefit.

  • Anonymous

Earning a third as many paid users as Spotify in under 4 month? Thats what you call a hit, As are most things Apple ;)

  • AnonD-362866

Not everyone, 20 Oct 2015You listen way to much to lil waynes song.How Lil Wayne fit into this equation?

  • Not everyone

AnonD-362866, 20 Oct 2015The droidboy mentality "everything should be free! The worl... moreYou listen way to much to lil waynes song.

  • AnonD-205659

Finally, commenters of this website are exposed.
You all have a problem with  "ripping customers off" by selling them a device that can be covered by manufacturers warranty for a year, accidental for two years with  care and unlimited support resources but have no problem ripping off musicians yourselves.

Shame on you all for using pure ignorance to try to bash a company that has brought validity and relevance to so many artists. Shame on you for stealing from these same artists...

  • @@@@@@@@@

Heights of Madness !! I own a Apple phone i download all free musics from website and sync it through iTunes. Why would you want to waste your money in this way.

  • AnonD-362866

Big Daddy, 20 Oct 2015Wew, alot of people who like to throw away their money.. ... moreThe droidboy mentality "everything should be free! The world owes me!"

  • AnonD-449388

well yeah that true because the amount of people I have coming to my phone shop asking me how to stop it is insane. They made it easy to sign up but impossible to opt out.

  • mr tim cook

congratulation ceo tim cook like music apple

  • paralepiped

Crazy i-zombies. There are plenty of free music online.

Wew, alot of people who like to throw away their money..
Buying songs is like buying air lol.

  • Barney Tabasco

Of course there will be a large amount of paying subscribers at this stage.

The free period will have ended for those signing up at launch and many will not have opted out of auto-renewing the subscription.

  • AnonD-362866

FromChinaWithLove, 20 Oct 2015People pay to listening music online?Yes, you see not everyone believes in piracy. Some people actually respect the music industry. And some believe it or not actually have money to pay for it. Is that a problem?