HTC Legend, HTC Desire and HTC HD mini ready to roll

16 February, 2010
As promised, HTC introduced three new phones and the score is Android 2 - WinMo 1. The HTC Legend is a Hero's remake and the Desire is a half-twin of the Nexus One. In the PocketPC camp, there's the H...

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  • newbie

hi all i am thnking between samsung galaxy or htc desire? how is texting on Desire- able to change the fonts? Can it skype? than.ks a bunch

  • mikesmith

will there be a US HD mini ? or will a unlocked HD mini work with ATT or TMobile 3G (Chicago) ??

  • techi

nicksti, 16 Feb 2010HTC phones really do tend to look very similar.@ nicksti. All phones are pretty much similar, with very few renovations, based on previous models Its all to do with marketing, why change something that works, i.e. the Iphone. It has not changed one bit since its release back in 2007 only the software has been updated. Take Nokia, always tend to build brick like phones which are very durable and reliable but lack somewhat in software intuitiveness and usability. Although, Nokia has promised to change that with the upcoming Symbian 3 and 4 OS.
The same goes with Sony Ericsson, always building their phones around the camera and walkman features. Same goes for all phone manufacturers, samsung, lg's etc. Not taking a rant at you or anything like that just thought I'd leave a simple comment.

  • Hanslal

i like this type site , who has been created plesae thanks for thats.............

  • lc123

with regards to camera questions abiut no changes - theres lots of changes to the speed of the camera, options and software...dont just compare specs as you guys should know by now that specs on a handset are nothing if the handset software isnt efficient enough to make use of it ;o) for designs...these are evolutions of existing handsets (desire-nexusone, legend-hero, hdmini - hd2)....what did you expect? :oD

  • lc123

the desire has no noise cancellation tech like the nexus but that will be reflected in the aggressive pricepoint htc are trying to achieve. it has everything the nexus 1 has software wise but with htc sense which brings a lot of things that are missing from nexus 1's software...these little changes that make a big difference to how you use the handset never get into the reviews.

as for legend, the 600mhz processor is built to multitask, unlike its cousin the Hero

  • Anonymous

Demon_man, 16 Feb 2010are they ripping Google off with the Bravo(Desire) or shooting t... morethe google nexus one is made by HTC


@nicksti: like iphones?

  • simon

god dont htc look at the other handsets they have made and think hang on this is almost the same as every other one we have made....but whilst suckers buy the next offering because it has a screen thats 2mm bigger or has a flash for the camera these companies will keep churning handsets out left right and centre....well they do say a fool and his money is easily parted....

  • Micky

No Doubt that HTC phones are always of great quality with solid built,good reception & call quality.

But there is no sense to release almost same looking,same specifications phones at a same time.

No big change in camera: 5 MEGAPIXEL from HTC TOUCH HD, HD2, HERO,DESIRE & so on.

Almost same interface ,look,style.

I think HTC should think about it to avoid the HTC lovers to get bored of their phones

  • Naito

This phone looks like a modified google nexus....

  • Anonymous

Time to sell the Hero before prices crash!

Looking forward to the HD Mini.

  • Anonymous

I *need* that Desire phone. If it's gonna be priced like the Nexus (or close to it) and there will be no dust (under the screen) problems like the Nexus has, I'm definitely getting this.

  • Anonymous

great stuff HTC but i guess this means the supersonic is gonna be announced in mid year? and released near the end..

will probably go for the Desire than.

  • Demon_man

are they ripping Google off with the Bravo(Desire) or shooting them self in the foot?
but im very tempted by the Bravo

  • Kris

Not bad the bravo.

  • Anonymous

specs for desire don't mention the noise cancellation that the nexus one has - anyone know if the phone has it?

  • Skynetman

All touchscreens are the same...

  • nicksti

HTC phones really do tend to look very similar.