Huawei schedules November 5 event for Kirin 950 chipset announcement

28 October, 2015
The next-gen SoC will finally be officially introduced next week, after months of speculation about it.

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  • Sky Is The Limit

Samsung: "Shi*, unleash/leak the Note 6"

  • m86k

Qidamin, 29 Oct 2015I think you have not tried a good one, I have used Xiaomi, ... moreHe (like many) associates all brands to same "cheap chinese phones" whereas there are different classes of "chinese phones". GSMA is starting to talk more and more about them, it was about time.

Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, Lenovo, ZTE, Meizu, LeTV and some others are all respectable brands with good flagships/midrange phones if he dares to try "a chinese phone", not some shady clones he may find online.

  • Cicerone

d, 29 Oct 2015This is my request to all of you that please do not buy any... moreDo not compare A72 with A53. A72 is for power/heavy tasks and A53 is for power saving when the phone run maintenance and simple tasks. This combination of A72/A53 cores will be available in 2016. In 2015 CPU's was used A57/A53 cores (Exynos 7420).

  • Cicerone

A72/A57 cores? Maybe instead of A57 will be A53 cores for better battery management. If Huawei will go A72/A57 cores K950 will be so power hungry than will not last 6 hours feom charge to charge.

  • Qidamin

Anonymous, 29 Oct 2015After using chinese phone I know why you never see anyon... moreI think you have not tried a good one, I have used Xiaomi, Huawei, now using Iuni, all of them are quite nice phones.

  • Anonymous

Huawei smartphones should be selling at prices close to iphones which are nothing but a pile of hot air created by huge amount of dosh spent on advertising i.e brainwashing.

  • Anonymous

After using chinese phone

I know why you never see anyone using chinese phones. It is terribly built lags as hell

You will think of this comment when u use it and regret

There is a reason for cheap chinese phone

  • AnonD-229512

so much wow to use 8 big cores

  • Anonymous

Umbilical Noose, 29 Oct 2015Sorry dude but CPU and GPU aren't everything. There's much ... moreI totally agree with you. Samsung has better benchmarks than Huawei Mate 7, but Huawei Mate 7 is much faster and less laggish than any Samsung phone because of much better optimized interface.

I'm using Mate 2 now ( Brooke my mate 7 screen ) and it it.s quite a headache ,(typical android issues) comparing to huawei Mate 7.
One on the other hand typing text on any android phone (including Huawei Mate ,7) is a nightmare comparing to windows phone or iPhone.
As you can see, no system is 100% perfect.

d, 29 Oct 2015This is my request to all of you that please do not buy any... moreSorry dude but CPU and GPU aren't everything. There's much more to a SoC and in turn smartphone than simple CPU and GPU. One more thing, benchmarks are sh*t, take them with a grain of salt. Real life performance, the thing that matters, is mostly much different.

  • stanley

first phones with this new kyrin 950 should be huawei honor 7 plus and tabletophone huawei mate 8

  • d

This is my request to all of you that please do not buy any android phone in present time unless you are first time users whether it is op2 ,yureka or k3 note because belive me if you are going to regret that after 6 or 7 months as the phones which will launch at that time are at least 10 times more powerful than these heating monsters. I know that if you don?t have deep technical knowledge then you are not going to understand much , but I want to simplify this for all of you. Presently all mobiles are using cortex A53 which is having half the perfomance of cortex A15 and the new cortex A72 is having thrice powerful than cortex A15. That means that cortex A72 is 6 times better than A53 therefore even single core perfomance of 2.5 GHZ A72 is equal to 15 GHZ of A53 and that is going to break all theses octa cores into dust. Imagine if this is the power of 1 core than what quad core in snapdragon 620 and helio X30 can do. And about Gpu department I am sorry guys if you are buying Mt6752 products thinking cont..

  • AnonD-142922

I think I am ready to sell my beloved Mate 7 ........ I will miss you my best MATE ... :(

  • m86k

Huawei P8 was great but i think P9 will be a revelation to get under the spotlights if they keep control on the prices.

  • AnonD-421428

I think 2016 will be a great year for Huawei, besides its amazing hardware, it will gain decent exposure thanks to the amazing Nexus 6P

  • AnonD-159333

This chip is going to be an absolute BEAST. The Cortex A72's are naturally faster than the A57s, but if the maximum clock rate is accurate (ie. 2.4GHz), they will have burst performance that is fit for low-end desktop computers, let alone a mobile device. And the Mali T880 is also very interesting. Since the T880 has an additional ALU pipe per core as well as other hardware optimizations, if it has a core-count similar to that of the T760 in the Galaxy S6, we could easily see a 60% to 80% boost in general GPU computational performance.

I'm really glad to see another large vendor offering a high-end ARM solution. Samsung doesn't seem as aggressive as it could be at selecting the top-of-line. Kirin could offer the market another chip, and force Samsung to be more aggressive with its performance centered Exynos line!

Now, I'd love to see a big Android manufacturer using PowerVR tech. LG perhaps?

  • Anonymous

Fascinating what can be accomplished when the talk is of millions - millions of devices, millions of people and millions of dollars.

  • Anonymous

CPU is top notch.
better than anything out their.

GPU is only problem with kirin chipsets

  • Anonymous

Mama mia

  • AnonD-442781

Its good that they're going to be first, but it will be overshadowed by Samsung and Qualcomm, plus with those 8 cores I'd be quite worried about throttling.