UMI Iron Pro boasts fingerprint and eye security encased in metal

30 October, 2015
The Android phone can run a number of different ROMs. It has two SIM slots and LTE connectivity, plus a dedicated headphone amp.

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  • AnonD-551628

Bluboo Maya are getting prepare to bang out the chinese market

With $69.99 pre-sale price the device will be came out with 2 GB of super RAM into the markets Get Ready for it!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-484440, 05 Jan 2016Hello, so i have an Iron Pro. When it arrived, i was very ... moreThanks for your commentary. I was going to buy this phone, but after hearing your problems, I will buy something else. Cheers.

  • AnonD-523988

PAA, 31 Oct 2015I have the Umi Iron for 3 months now and I love it. Light,... moreIs it incompatible with apps common apps like the other comments say?

  • Ronald

AnonD-484440, 05 Jan 2016Hello, so i have an Iron Pro. When it arrived, i was very ... phone dont boot and when i go to recovery mode it says no command i tried power button+volume down but its just restart until the word android and stuck up wont boot..please help me on what to do on my phone..thank you...

  • Ronald

I have this phone umi iron pro for 2 months now it wont boot i go to recovery mode but no command only dead android i follow the press power button+volume down but nothing happen no menu..please help me on what to do for my phone to work again...thanks

  • godfrey

I think this phone is really cool, not mentioning along with its bundled features but with the design also... I am really desperate to buy this phone because despite of all its flaws like network connectivity, there are still many other options in improving to have lets say 4g lte... You can purchase pocket wifi that can connect to 4g...
I dont think the battery should still be removable aka replacable... Its better for preventing bloated battery, but you can still open the back case with open screws at the sides its still no big deal you can still have options in that part...

  • AnonD-485917

i bought this pjone but i didn't recieve it yet so i have an inquiry now , what is the kind of its screen glass is it anti scratch and smash proof !!!! coz i cant find any info regarding its screen protection and this makes me a little bit worried

  • AnonD-484440

Hello, so i have an Iron Pro.
When it arrived, i was very glad and carefully unpacked it, reading the small paper with little information, but that is normal these days. Plugged phone to charger, its a usb-c connector, you have to push a little harder to plug (it is not real usb-c, only the connector, rest is usb2.0)
After loading till 100% i opend the sim holder and put my 4G nano-sim and 32 GB tf card in, carefully pushed the holder back. Switched on the phone. And yes it was working, and started with the wizzard, set my country then waiting for Wifi, almost 1 minute to find 3 off the 16 wifi senders i can receive here. I made the connection and filled in everything else what was needed. I go to playstore and wanted to download google+ but here it started, this app was not compatible with my device, uh whats that? But several more apps where not compatible with "my device" not good! I moved on,i wanted to flash something with recovery and turned off the device, and with pushing volume up and power on, i came in the menu and choose recovery, and yes android came up, but nothing else what i tried, nothing happend. So there was no recovery. I go to UmiDigi searced and asked, but no help from this forum. Only the official ROM and the mod said recovery most work, so i flashed the official ROM, but recovery didn't work, also lost imei, which i resolved after 4 days. I got to needrom and there it was a TWRP recovery, flashed it and its working.
But okay, after restoring everything, yes happy with my new phone, i set up my sim and rest of the phone, put of Wifi and there it was 3G, uhm thats not right it should be 4G, i got outside, still 3G. I got in the car drived to the city to the store of my provider KPN i looked and yes 4G, so thinking about the phone got to get used to it, I turned back home, and there it was back to 3G. My other phone was allways 4G (Jiayu S3) So i searched on internet and there it was, UMI Iron Pro don't have baseband 20 the most used baseband in Europe and certainly for Netherlands. Dissapointed for sure. But not only for this, watdh my list: camera is not working like it should be, my Jiayu have the same camera and it is like comparing 13mp to 4mp or less, focus is not working etcetera, bluetooth is not connecting with my LG entertainment set, sound is on and of. Listning with headphone, it make a popping sound when i go to next song or previous, paint from finger touch button is coming off, silver becomes black after a while it will be a black square. I thought umi was a good company, i have had Jiake, Elephone and Jiayu but IronPro is the worst phone i ever had,
a little piece of metal with blinking flashlight.
Camera not good
wifi not good
bluetooth not good
Fully network not good
Navigation buttons are using screenspace
No help from Umi, also no other ROM like CM, it is what they say in their commercials, sorry for telling this phone is not worth buying and user anonymous says its oke, he is not telling the truth, shame on you.
Maybe it is a possibilty for Umi to go to Xreme developpers they also helped Jiayu or go to Jiayu Germany, good luck.

  • Anonymous

I tried the recovery mode procedure but when I select it I get an error message 'No command' with Android bug died

  • D.

jojo, 30 Oct 2015Not compatible with US 4G LTE :(Are you sure?

  • AnonD-476867

how to (get to) hard reset umi iron pro:

1) get into recovery mode (sad android with exclamation):
a) hold volume up and power (for about 15s)
b) use volume up to move cursor (to "Recovery Mode")
c) press volume down to select

2) get to menu for more options (once in recovery mode)
a) hold power button down
b) press and release volume up
c) follow instructions in new menu

  • AnonD-474756

how can you hard rest umi iron pro . I have tried GOING THROUGH PHONE MENU BUT NO LUCK starts with my google account. Also tried power and vol up button but only gives reboot fast boot and normal option . what to do

  • Anonymous

Lost Soul, 06 Nov 2015If the eye/finger print scanned has been set to your finger... moreYes, hard reset will remove everything.

  • Anonymous

please make it available in flipkart, snapdeal, or amazon india. a great phone with great price.

  • CK

What about the battery on 2g and 3 g

  • Anonymous

please bring it soon to india and dubai

  • Lost Soul

If the eye/finger print scanned has been set to your finger/eye, does a Had Reset remove the Lock?

  • alecsbeciu

Rommy, 02 Nov 2015I will like to know more information about this phone where... morealiexpress

  • Rommy

I will like to know more information about this phone where I can buy it to be deliver in Guatemala ? & if it works on latin america 4G LTE also if this UMI Iron Pro is better than the Meizu Metal ? and the most important thing what is the right ROM's to make it work with ? need to know gotta know :) thanks in advance for your answer.

  • shivasai

When it will come to market or in the online shop I want to buy it now