Gionee Elife S Plus is an octa-core 5.5-incher, Indian launch imminent

31 October, 2015
The phablet packs a 3,150mAh battery and has a USB Type-C port, tipped to cost $260.

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  • AnonD-468476

z1 is way better

  • Anonymous

1- mediatek is not as powerful as snapdragon it is cheap processor
2- 1.3 ghz proc. with 3 gb ram looks like honda cbr having splandor engine
3- 5.5 inch display and not full hd
4- cheap plastic on back
5- having 4g still video call facility missing

cost is 17500 /-
am i fool
better options are available under 10k

  • Kunal

Gionee ... plz tell me when u will give the Gionee E life E7 Update of lolipop....

  • Anonymous

funny name. Gionee in the bottle

  • Udit

Anonymouses, 01 Nov 2015I never trust any device using Mediatek even if it the best Medi... moreMe too

  • kail

Ultimate phone

Nice to note that it has; "USB C".
Hopefully all devices rolling out in 2016 will be USB C equipped! Good-bye to USB a, USB b, micro USB, HDMI, Ethernet, etc as well as proprietory notebook charge ports. Older devices will connect to USB C via simple inexpensive convertors (,

Anonymous, 31 Oct 2015Lack of updates is the case in 90% of Mediatek based devices so ... moreI never trust any device using Mediatek even if it the best Mediatek chipset.

  • Guggu

rip gionee

  • AnonD-310094

Future of mobiles is going to be too bright ! Presently all mobiles are using cortex A53 which is having half the perfomance of cortex A15 and the new cortex A72 is having thrice powerful than cortex A15 and double power effitient . That means that cortex A72 is 6 times better than A53 therefore even single core perfomance of 2.5 GHZ A72 is equal to 15 GHZ of A53 and that is going to break all theses octa cores into dust. Imagine if this is the power of 1 core than what quad core in snapdragon 620 and helio X30 can do. And about Gpu department I am sorry guys if you are buying Mt6752 products thinking that it is good for gaming as it is having mali t760 and it is used in s6 than you are wrong as it is only MP2 and technically performance of mali 450 at 700 mhz MP4 is 42 Gflops and mali t760 at 700 mhz MP2 is 47 Gflops and mali t720 at 700 mhz MP4 is 48 Gflops ( used in mt6753 for those people who are thinking that why it is numbered higher by MT ) so there is not much difference in mali 450 MP4 and mali t760 MP2 not MP8 like s6 but seen is going to change completely change by arrival of mali t880 MP4 in helio X20 which is not having only double cores but according to ARM it is 80% better 40% power efficient than mali t760 and I predict that its performance will be around 170 Gflops and its better than adreno 330 at-least if not adreno 420. I hope that many of you must have understood my point . And remember that even power saving cores of upcoming mobiles are equally stronger as the performance cores of today lol ! and please correct me if I am wrong what do you think Gogi ? Cheers !

  • MaxPayne123

Meh , price is too much . Only plus point is the AMOLED display though that is negated by the HD resolution.

Lenovo Vibe P1 is a better phone.

  • Anonymous

i think the company overpriced their phones rather than giving the customers a satisfactory experience. mediatek is good but those companies like gionees who uses mediatek and doesn't think about the quality and the support of their products are the poisons.

INR 16999 for a phone with hd resolution.....????
wid a lousy design and a worthless processor and crappy customer support.....
every single buyer is an idiot....

  • Anonymous

So tired of all those gigantic phones....

  • Anonymous

AnonD-165792, 31 Oct 2015Such a pathetic company...the company never bothers to give any ... moreLack of updates is the case in 90% of Mediatek based devices so I would strongly advise anyone to stay away from them.

  • Anonymous

I think nobody going to buy this mobile. There are many competitors with the same specification and lower the price.

  • AnonD-165792

Such a pathetic company...the company never bothers to give any updates, had owned couple of models like Elife E7 ,never got an update in an years use .

  • A.k.k

If the price will be under 17k then the phone is going to rock and i will defiently buy it

  • Jb

Zuk Z1 is better than this