The Kirin 950 SoC goes official, posts a record AnTuTu score

05 November, 2015
Now that the specs of the HiSilicon chip are clear, all that remains is to see if it debuts inside the eagerly-anticipated Huawei Mate 8.

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  • Anonymous

Maziyar, 10 Nov 2015FAKE... Note 4 in Antutu get Almost 46000 ScoreNote 4 isn't anywhere as good as Note 5, i'm getting a bit over 67000 on my Galaxy S6.. which has the same processor as the Note 5

  • AnonD-484590

kirin 930 has Mali-T628 * not Mali-T880

  • N3wB|3 LuCK3r

hey look no bezels that's good

  • Maziyar

FAKE... Note 4 in Antutu get Almost 46000 Score

  • Anonymous

Everything is good until it starts heating. Hope that's not the problem with this.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Nov 2015Those bloody keys are TOO damn small! If I have a 42" scre... moreHave a 7icher or 10 icher

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Nov 2015by the way its. Not by the its :) Haha

  • AnonD-446869

Well nuclun 2 thrashed eynos 7420..will thrashed kirin also..:) probably next year

To brainy whos replay me:
I don't know what AnTuTu ver. you use but s6edge+, note5, s6 etc are present in list.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-310094, 05 Nov 2015This is my request Please don't buy any phone in present a... moreAll flagship chips are using 4 cortex a53 and 4 a 57. Now they'll use A72 instead of a 57. So you'll only see a 30-40 percent increase in performance.

  • Arcane

Ok, that's strange.

The screenshot shows a score of 82945.
The scoreline above it shows a score of almost 50k points.
With almost the same score under the Meizu, the Galaxy Note 4 is listed.

So I guess the score of 82k is faked.

  • AnonD-352420

Trasher, 05 Nov 2015Hell yeah, I agree with you. Also: "It is equipped... moreTwice the GPU performance of the kirin 930 would men they have catched up with the snapdragon 800 .... Two years too late huawei, get your GPU right

  • AnonD-371733

83k @_@ nice work هواوي

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Nov 2015Just temporary until new A72 Exynos kills it.I've always said a 14nm process A72 exynos setup would SLAY. In fact it was this exact CPU/GPU setup but on Sammy's thinner process. It's not even 2016 yet... Give them time and they'll pull a rabbit out of the hat again like the last exynos generetion. It's only now the competition are catching up...

  • Lol

Yeaaaaah... I'm impressed when the throttling tests come out and it manages to sustain performance like Apple A9.

If CPU is good enough, they should try to sell it to other companies too (like Asus,lenovo,xiaomi etc)

  • panrt

old antutu. 5.7.2 is actual.

  • Anonymous

LLL, 05 Nov 2015The "r" is next to the "t" on my keyboa... moreThose bloody keys are TOO damn small!
If I have a 42" screen then I need a 42" keyboard with it! And Logitech/microsoft/Cherry I need to BANG them keys not caress them!

  • Anonymous

bug, 05 Nov 2015And Candy Crush Saga.Naaaah... they'll probably waste that power on a 5" 8K-screen and 8K-videorecording on a tiny smartphone-sensor with the cheapest distorted plastic lens possible... like manufacturers usually do these days.

RejZoR, 05 Nov 2015It would be nice if they'd place the same amount of effort ... moreHell yeah, I agree with you.

Also: "It is equipped with a high-end Mali T880MP4 GPU, said to be twice better in terms of performance, compared to the Mali T880 inside the Kirin 930."
K930 has Mali 680 MP4 not Mali 880.