SD 615-powered Moto G Turbo Edition unveiled in Mexico

06 November, 2015
Sporting a 5-inch display with 1080 x 1920 pixels resolution, the device will go on sale in the country starting November 13.

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  • Anonymous
  • U@H
  • 10 Dec 2015

moto g turbo edition is coming with a full hd display i.e. With 1080*1920 pixel resolution

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    • Ashish jha
    • X0Q
    • 09 Dec 2015

    how much will it cost?
    it has features between moto g3 and moto x play.
    i have budget for moto g3. should i wait for this phone.

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      • Anonymous
      • mq9
      • 08 Dec 2015

      Seeker, 24 Nov 2015When this version of Motorola will be launched in India the... more10th Dec

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        • Seeker
        • tUY
        • 24 Nov 2015

        When this version of Motorola will be launched in India the biggest market of smartphones in World ..people are waiting

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          • William
          • KA6
          • 20 Nov 2015

          Its the phone i have been waiting for.

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            • AnonD-424336
            • Hkt
            • 12 Nov 2015

            Muthu, 06 Nov 2015Are you out of your minds or what? This Moto G Turbo is inf... morefirst of all its the absence of water resistance in x play

            second its being released with 6.0 from start

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              • Avi
              • U{i
              • 07 Nov 2015

              Fingerprint scanner is missing....

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                • AnonD-463395
                • IaH
                • 06 Nov 2015

                Actually the screen has a HD (720p) resolution, the info in the official Motorola presentation was wrong, and they corrected the fact.
                You can check the updated info in PoderPDA (the source of your main pic, btw)

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                  • Anonymous
                  • PiQ
                  • 06 Nov 2015

                  There is talk in the press about the G turbo coming to Brazil too, which makes zero amount of sense. It was obvious Moto should have extended G's water resistance to the X Play and Style, but what's done is done, leave it to the next iteration.

                  I guess beancounters realized how Samsung is turning a profit, so they should copy them and flood the market with products that cannibalize each other? Or maybe some pointy haired bossed thought that having a larger "shelf presence" among retailers would translate to them being seen as "stronger"? Beats me.

                  Next step? Abandoning those fad-phones to obsolete versions of Android.

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                    • Muthu
                    • jrf
                    • 06 Nov 2015

                    AnonD-424336, 06 Nov 2015I guess motorola had cheated Indian Customers by shoving th... moreAre you out of your minds or what? This Moto G Turbo is inferior to Moto X Play in most of the aspects (less screen size, inferior camera, less battery capacity/life) while some of the specs are same (same chipset, RAM, internal memory). Still both of them costs the same amount. So Moto X Play (which is available in India) is a much better deal than Moto G turbo which is released in Mexico. Can you elaborate in what way indian customers were cheated? If anything, it is the Mexican customers who are getting a bad deal here.

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                      • LLL
                      • tDD
                      • 06 Nov 2015

                      From $229 jumps to $283 for two upgrades that would degrade the battery life, Chipset and screen resolution. Unsure whether it's a worthwhile trade off.

                      Btw, recently announced HTC Desire 828 is both slightly better equipped and cheaper at $255.
                      That's mainland China pricing though.
                      The point is, the Moto G Turbo is definitely not cheap IMO.

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                        • AnonD-38544
                        • mMV
                        • 06 Nov 2015

                        alyaasif123, 06 Nov 2015I totally agree moto x play is better than thisBut sagnificantly bigger, which isn't everyone's taste.

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                          • AnonD-424336
                          • vcB
                          • 06 Nov 2015

                          I guess motorola had cheated Indian Customers by shoving this Xplay edition of the near spec moto g turbo edition . I don't know why is this case . Our xplay has no water resistance . So either the people have gone bonkers in Motorola or they are cheating

                            • a
                            • alyaasif123
                            • IWU
                            • 06 Nov 2015

                            Big Daddy, 06 Nov 2015So it is actually just a poor moto x play.. With bad batter... moreI totally agree
                            moto x play is better than this

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                              • Jack
                              • kse
                              • 06 Nov 2015

                              I love this phone, but specs wise it isn't much better than my Nexus 5, so sadly I'll wait until the next iteration with 3 or 4gb RAM before I make an upgrade.

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                                • AnonD-312515
                                • Q}4
                                • 06 Nov 2015

                                Anonymous, 06 Nov 2015OnePlus X much better.Looks better too.

                                  So it is actually just a poor moto x play.. With bad battery. Its price is same as moto x play.

                                    Anyone will choose Oneplus X over Moto G Turbo with that pricing.
                                    And Oneplus X will be available without invite beginning next month.

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                                      • AnonD-312515
                                      • Q}4
                                      • 06 Nov 2015

                                      Aplusk, 06 Nov 2015Battery same 2470 mah with SD 615.So what's so "turbo" about this phone lol

                                        Man why dont they give up on SD 615