LG V10 battery life test

08 November, 2015
How far do 3,000mAh go? Not that far as it turns out.

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  • shadow Gaza

i love using LG phones but at this time i regrettted buying LG v10 soo expensively but facing problems,if there are some problems inside the phone,then Lg needs to reduce the price of the phone or they fix the problem now- when i tap on fringerprint and setting,it exits automatically,i can't uninstalled apps on my LG v10,when i try it restarts

  • Imran

Dd mm, 20 Dec 2016Hi dear v10 users Can I bay this phone No, Do not buy it. I will suggest you Lenovo P2. I have both phones but lg v10 drains battery quickly and having heat up problems too

  • Khan

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2017My phone's battery lost almost 25 of its percent overnight ... moreMy phone loss around 60 percent over night and even when it is off. I put second battery but nothing changed

  • Anonymous

I like the phone. Worst battery life of any phone I've ever had.

  • tlwcpa

I have had the LG V10 for about six months now. Off and on (and progressively more on), I was having problems with phone overheating and battery drain, so much so that I purchased two additional 3000 mAh batteries and a 10,000 mAh extended battery and had the same problem with all of them. This week, the problem suddenly disappeared, but I'm not sure exactly why. I disabled all notifications and account syncing, but that seemed to help only inconsistently. Earlier this week, I drained the extended battery completely, recharged it and restarted the phone and I haven't had the problem since. (I had done that previously, but the over heating persisted, so who really knows?) In the meantime, T-Mobile pushed through the Android 7.0 update, so maybe that will help. The last couple of days, I've been using one of the replacement 3000 mAh batteries with no problems. I'm seeing other various ideas for fixing the battery drain issue. The V10 is a great phone otherwise.

  • Tp

Jessica, 29 Dec 2016Terrible phone because of the battery don't suggest this phone I love LG phones!
But their battery life is 30%worse than the IPhone which already is a problem for me. I replace the battery twice a day and i still have a problem some evenings. If it didn't have a battery replacement it would be a useless phone!!!

  • Mott.

My battery has gone down every since I got it can't do anything before it starts running down .I had lgs before this is the worst. Phone because of battery.v10.I had a LG before this one It had awesome Battery life.

  • Nick

Everyone complaining about standby time should install cpuspy app and see if their v10 is going into sleep mode. I use greenify and stop apps before screen off; sleeps like a baby. Only 3-5% use overnight with second screen on. It's the SOT however that's terrible; 3 to 4 hours max at 25% brightness with wifi browsing. Video playback: 15-20% in 1 hour at 50% brightness. 3G/4G browsing: 2.30 to 3 hours max.

  • Anonymous

Raul, 05 Dec 2016I just got mine and i was at %90 and it was off and 5 min l... moreMine doing the same. It was just fine until 2 days ago and now when I'm use it drains at 1% every 2 min and keys are sticking.

  • Cdswolf

Deelawar, 22 Nov 2016All this happened after the recent software update....befor... moreMine did the same

  • Anonymous

Just bought it two days my v20 is so hot at the upper back . and i cant even download kdrama at chrome apps. And also it takes 2 hours and a half to fully charge.i thought its fast charging.

  • Anonymous

Dd mm, 20 Dec 2016Hi dear v10 users Can I bay this phone Yeah bro sure its more than superb

  • Anonymous

My phone's battery lost almost 25 of its percent overnight (in shut down's phone too) i also replaced battery with new origional one but the issue remains the same.. Can any one help me ?

  • Alex

Jessica, 29 Dec 2016Terrible phone because of the battery don't suggest this phone Agreed

  • Alex

If you find your phone doesn't hold charge, check the battery for any deformations. There is something wrong with the phone or the batteries or both making the batteries to warp. If the battery is no longer flat in shape, get a new one. Otherwise it won't hold the charge or won't even charge 100percrnt . This phone had potentials but the battery situation made me reconsider buying LG phones ever again

  • Jessica

Terrible phone because of the battery don't suggest this phone

  • Dd mm

Hi dear v10 users Can I bay this phone

  • AnonD-619819

So guys, I updated my at&t LG V10 to latest update via LGUP from H90020j to H90020w. The performance of phonr has vastly increased. Also I am getting better screen on time. The only issue is that when the phone is not in use, there quite a lot of battery drain in the background.

When I check thr battery stats, it shows phone idle with some battery power used. Second would be Android OS keep awake for more 40-50 minutes, then Android system for more 20 -30 minutes amd finally Google Play Services. The remaining apps don't drain much.

How can I stop thos standby drain? Because it's very important for everyone's device to atleast hold some charge overnight for their alarms to turn on in the morning. It's been 2 week since I got this phone and I have suffered from such situations thrice.

Even during the day when WiFi is turned on, there is a huge drain when idling. Turning off WiFi does help a bit but it still drains considerably.

All Google Apps and at&t apps disables, WiFi and Bluetooth scanning off. WiFi turned off at night. During the day WiFi is based on location. Location set to battery saving. Google location hustory off. Second screen always on. At night I switch it off.

Let me what can be done further. My main concern is standby drain and Android OS and system keep awake.

Thanks in advance.

  • Julius

Mine is so terrible. I have it at a 100% and like 7 hours later it's at 40%.

  • Raul

I just got mine and i was at %90 and it was off and 5 min later its at %30