HTC A9w with octa-core CPU and 5-inch display certified by TENAA

07 November, 2015
The handset is quite similar to the newly-released HTC One A9 in both looks as well as specifications.

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  • AnonD-189020

Too much of everything is bad

HTC releases so many variants just for China. Why? They're kinda going in the wrong direction, but oh well...

  • A9

Htc A9 is so brilliant
Just played for the first time some 15minutes with an A9 yesterday

  • Anonymous

we need s pens on those units...i am an old htc customer but i will switch soon to samsung if they dont release a unit with an s pen as before

  • Anonymous

Here's what HTC has to do in order to make this phone relevant:
ditch the glossy plastic front. make the aluminum extend to the top and bottom like on the m8 and so on, ditch the home button and replace it with at least one front firing speaker (preferably two), and use a snapdragon 618 instead. keep the price low. alternatively, they could use polycarbonate for the body like they did on the e8 and so on to keep the costs down.

  • LLL

Isn't it the China version of One A9?
What's the fuss here?

  • Anonymous

This is just one of the million variants to be released soon... Stay tuned. :)

I just bought 3 ,A9, I cannot see the difference with this unit.

  • .alpha

If A9 cannot fool a customer into thinking he is getting an iPhone maybe A9w will. More similar phones = more confusion = win for copycat companies.

  • Anonymous

They should try different Designs and lower Price like they did on their old devices...

  • Anonymous

plz quit

  • Anonymous

Then there will be One A9+, One A9+ supreme camera, One A9s, One A9 eye

  • AnonD-237026

Many more A9 to come in near future like it did with M9. LOL.