Upgraded Xiaomi Redmi 2A gets a price cut, to cost same as standard model

09 November, 2015
While the standard model comes with 1GB/8GB memory, the upgraded one doubles the amount and comes with 2GB/16GB memory.

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  • 11 Nov 2015

Shut up and take my money

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    • 09 Nov 2015

    Arthur Ho, 09 Nov 2015Another thing is currently they just increase the price of ... moreBro... Correction... Redmi 2 Enhance was RM459 then increase to RM529 late last month. While Redmi 2 basic spec 1GB RAM / 8GB storage was RM449 now the price is RM399.

      Another thing is currently they just increase the price of Redmi 2 Enhance at my country(Malaysia) from RM399(Approximately $90 USD) to RM529(Approximately $120 USD), as I as I know that the Redmi 2A is better spec than Redmi 2 and not sure whether they will sell the Redmi 2A at Malaysia or not. If it does, it sure will piss off many buyer for sure.

        This doesn't sound too good to me, while on the paper it may attract more new buyer, but for people who had bought the 1 GB RAM version, it may really piss them off, especially with the same price point and even the CEO it self proclaim to get the best MIUI experience you need to at least having 2GB RAM on board.

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          • 09 Nov 2015

          that's 1 good deal!!!!