Gresso launches Grand Monaco Red for the ladies

05 March, 2010
Gresso unveiled their new limited mobile phone lineup with red alligator skin. Gresso phones have always been able to make a bold statement. In the case of Grand Monaco Red, the statement simply doesn't...

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  • Sexy Bitch

I tink it luks madir.and its just ryt 4 a lady


this fones looks very nice and would also be nice if it came out in a pink fusion kanda design . the back of the fone doesnt look

  • reis

ladies...aligator skin....grrrr

  • Anonymous

Hope they put alligator meat to them to grilled w/ sum oyster sauce.i love it.or eagle beak on the keypad

  • arman

this phone is look like a china models......

  • Anonymous

Good phone i like that red color but aligator skin its too much.

  • Kid

For this amount of money could be much better....

  • BOON

its cheap and can or could they work out such type of ideas!!! :-p....crocodile skin ?? gives goosebump....evn wen i imagine holding such forget it

  • orup

baler mobile amar!!!

  • armo

wow, aligator skin for ladies. next time to make it more exotic please use human skin and spare the poor animals.

  • Mihai

the buttons are like sony ericsson k810i!

  • Ash

That is vile!!!

  • arman

very very very very very very un use phone 4 all

  • arman

i think its only phone who made for red lovers not for cool girls

  • charlemagne

...jam for the ladies...=))

  • niks

its hot as well as kool , nice luks but need to chck it

  • Rz

totally ridiculous... red alligators skin?? they run out of materials for their phones or what?!

  • an

cool =)
would be a nice present for a girlfriend or mom, just "a bit" too expensive for me:)

  • be cool

man it`s a 3ds max design not a real one , if there`s real pics please post it !

  • Brabuss

P.S.: if it happens that aliens come and start killing us cos we are destroying the planet and it's inhabitants (not the humans), count me on their side :))