TAG Heuer launches Connected, world's first Android Wear-powered luxury watch

09 November, 2015
The $1,500 intelligent timepiece is inspired by the TAG Heuer Carrera, and has been developed in collaboration with Google and Intel.

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  • Mortal Eternity

TAG Heuer Connected is overpriced for some people by the component it contains but watch's craftsmanship is up to the mark... TAG Heuer's brand name is there just to justify the price as people will not see it as a smart watch they will see it as TAG (luxury) smart watch... I hope battery life sustains a day or 2...

  • AnonD-445980

So disappointing to see such product from this luxury brand! I was expecting a WOW factor and what I saw was a huge, bulky piece of metal that is vastly over priced. I guess I'll stick to my Huawei watch for a long time.

  • AnonD-81610

RejZoR, 09 Nov 2015I'd rather have a mechanical Tag Heuer AquaRacer for this k... moreZdravo RejZoR!
You didn't read the twist in the news!
After 2 years when this thing becomes obsolete because of technology advancements, you can get a "normal" luxury watch worth of 3.000$ for only 1.500$ if you buy this watch now. LOL

  • AnonD-99280

AnonD-362866, 11 Nov 2015Overpriced to you might be affordable to him, who are you t... moreAffordable, yup totally not overprice at all..

  • AnonD-171579

Unless the whole bracelet is a battery, with a dual-core Intel & wi-fi the battery on this thing will be dead in an hour...

  • gab

AnonD-98584, 10 Nov 2015poor people buy expensive watches too sometimes, but inside... morei agree, that' s why that normal watch costs $3000, while this is only $1500. (i guess the bezels and strap justify the price somewhat)
of course both are expensive for some people.

  • Anonymous

I don't know why they bother. Just "me too" all the way!? If you're going to enter this segment of the market, why not do something "special" instead of jus.t keeping up with the others (and paying 3 times the price!). Total waste of space TAG. Stick to the knitting of making dinosaur mechanical watches crusted with diamonds etc as a fashion accessory.

  • AnonD-362866

RS Tech, 10 Nov 2015Dude....you dont know anything about watches.....apple watc... moreOverpriced to you might be affordable to him, who are you to judge?

  • Mello

Swiss watch-makers know what they're doing; this watch means serious business.

What if Rolex, Vacheron, Breguet, and Patek Philippe decide to make a smartwatch?

  • RS Tech

AnonD-98584, 10 Nov 2015theres nothing tag heuer about this, its a round watch with... moreDude....you dont know anything about watches.....apple watch looks better...dude my $30 watch looks way better than the apple watch...apple watch is a overprized shit!!

  • Shivam

When will it launch in India? And the estimated price please?

  • Anonymous

- luxury
- Android

Choose one.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Nov 2015like the look , but until you can give me this look with at... moreSo your whole post was just to tell us you have a Movado, correct?

  • Anonymous

like the look , but until you can give me this look with at least a month of battery life . i use my watch mainly to tell time at work. would hate to forget to charge my watch. do that enough with my cell phone. hence the large battery back up i keep in my desk. for now will stick with classic dual tone movado.

  • AnonD-234961

It does look stunning. Best looking smartwatch yet.

  • AnonD-98584

gab, 10 Nov 2015...a "normal" watch which costs $3000 brand new..... morepoor people buy expensive watches too sometimes, but inside that watch are mechanical movements that takes hard work to build. this tag is just a pcb with touchscreen. luxury isnt the price alone, u get what u pay for, but not for this watch.

  • AnonD-98584

theres nothing tag heuer about this, its a round watch with a touchscreen and runs android wear..what did tag heuer even do? no wonder they were able to make it in under a year.

an apple watch sport is still more luxurious and better looking and more worth it than this.

  • gab

ithehappy, 09 Nov 2015Dear lord, Tag, dear lord! This is why I never like them, l... morethen in your opinion sports and luxury car makers will self destruct, since they make overpriced cars when normal cars will do, well guess what?

1. there are richer people than you who wouldnt buy anything cheaper.
2. normal income people will try to buy these anyway, because well, status.
3. there are people who appreciate the effort put into making these things; they're expensive for a reason.

just because you cant afford them doesnt mean they shouldnt exist, you just dont make enough money to afford them.

  • Anonymous

I get that they are a luxury watch brand but that price is ridiculous for something that doesn't have any clockworking inside of it.

  • gab

AnonD-80174, 10 Nov 2015In two years you paying $1500 will get you a normal watch!...a "normal" watch which costs $3000 brand new..now if you dont know anything about luxury watches then dont criticize the price, this smartwatch as it is isnt marketed at "normal" income people anyway, and besides,apple's toy-like offeringis already pricey to begin with, didnt stop normal income people buying them though.