Acer's Predator 8 gaming tablet is now up for preorder at $300

12 November, 2015
Back in September at IFA 2015, Acer introduced two new interesting additions to its growing Predator lineup. To live up to their moniker, both devices were, as expected, gaming-oriented, evident by the sharp aggressive lines and red color palette. These were the Predator 6 phone and Predator 8 tablet.

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  • AnonD-357853

Anonymous, 16 Nov 2015To be fair though, the Tegra GPUs (excluding the one in the... moreYou don't have to deal with a different architecture though, that's a real pain in the #%&. You just don't go advertising a device as a gaming Android Tablet with an Intel SoC, pretty like everybody knows that it's a 0 day failure.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-357853, 12 Nov 2015"Gaming Tablet" + "Intel Atom" + "Android" don't blend. And... moreTo be fair though, the Tegra GPUs (excluding the one in the Shield Tablet and Nexus 9) never did any better anyway.

  • Chuck Norris

AVRELIANVS 1, 12 Nov 2015No,no,it's gonna be Samsung Alien;)hahaha and Apple will release Apple Humans hahaha

  • Truth

Your sources are wrong. Acer put up the Predator 8 for order last week on their site (on the 6th), and has been shipping them since then.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-362866, 13 Nov 2015how cuteAlso app reviewers.Trained to just give out good app store reviews. :P

  • Anonymous

AnonD-362866, 13 Nov 2015how cuteNot you again.Even here you still tend to degrade another brand even though its a spectacular device and which justifies the price.You sir are just a pain.And ooh i looked up this websire for online jobs and i saw the same thing your with.We could possibly even be workmates.Being PR or spammers.

  • AnonD-362866

how cute

  • Steevo

its 2015 and i still take my Xperia Play every time i travel... last month i finished Resident Evil 3 on an airplane... :D

  • Anonymous

No stereo speaker.

  • AnonD-93439

wow, this is just stupid, buy a 3DS, or a Vita, pay $300 for what content? Angry Birds,
no physical controls = not a gaming device.

  • AnonD-357853

"Gaming Tablet" + "Intel Atom" + "Android" don't blend. Android devices with Intel Atom are not performing well on games due to the fact most games are optimized for ARM architectures and not x86/x64. At the same price a device with a Qualcomm Snapdragon or Samsung Exynos SoC will always perform better. There are still ALOT of games that don't work at all on devices with Intel SoCs (let's say KINGDOM HEARTS Unchained χ) or games have to rely on ARMtox86_64 translation which makes games slow and buggy. Android's ecosystem is still really far from being Intel friendly and I doubt it will get soon atleast. Bad SoC choice Acer.

tr, 12 Nov 2015samsung aligator is next!No,no,it's gonna be Samsung Alien;)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Nov 2015I don't know what kind of phone or tablet you use but this ... moreRe-read it. They are referring to the Nvidia Shield.

  • Mohsin

Anonymous, 12 Nov 2015I don't know what kind of phone or tablet you use but this ... moreDude...she is talking about the shield tablet which looks normal and nothing like a gaming tablet(predator 8) which is as per her liking.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-465099, 12 Nov 2015The thing I like about the shield is that it doesn't actual... moreI don't know what kind of phone or tablet you use but this Acer Predator is anything but normal. Where have you seen this 'normal' design before?

  • Anonymous

Crap tablet when you have at the same range of prices 300-400 you have tablets with windows 10 and Intel core M like teclast x2 pro.

  • matt

how exactly is $299 a prety penny when other high end phones cost three times that?

  • AnonD-465116

Looks seriously uncomfortable to hold for extended gaming sessions.

  • No Fan Boy...!

Acer , please release Predator 6 soon , I'm waiting for it...!

  • AnonD-292897

I want that Predator 6 phone!
Come on already