Affordable Vodafone 845 comes with Android 2.1 and 360 service

10 March, 2010
Vodafone have a long line of inconspicuous branded handsets manufactured by various makers. The Vodafone 845 will be the first Android smartphone among those. The Vodafone 845 will run on...

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  • Anonymous

Hey will i upgrade to android 2.3 or 2.2.

  • Psycho Kenny

What the hell is that? I am actually being physically sick at the sight of that thing.. if I ever find out who is responsible for this I will absolutely destroy his very being! They don't call me Kenny the psycho for being non-psychopathic! This will be a huge mistake for mankind and mobile phones, I would only consider getting this if the only other phone that was ever invented was the LG surf.

  • Anonymous

n900, 10 Mar 2010dont get too excited i has the samsung h1 with vodafone 360... morewell point 1 is this is running android software, so it's already a known and loved platform. point 2 is that the ratings tab at the top of this page takes you to a page on which the samsung h1 is sitting second to top in ratings at current. Either way i love android and this looks to be a lovely affordable droid to add to the list :D:D ;D :P

  • leonard

legnaw, 11 Mar 2010who made this phone? samsung? sagem? zte?According to CNET UK, Huawei is the ODM behind.

  • legnaw

who made this phone? samsung? sagem? zte?

  • Anonymous

does it have 3.5mm audio jack? That's more important than 3G for sure.

  • n900

dont get too excited i has the samsung h1 with vodafone 360 on it, it was the worst software i think i have ever used made me get rid of the samsung.

  • Niraj

Great phone..!
Wifi, 3g, android, nice battery, gps + 1 gb free data usage per month wow just at 150 euro...
What else you guys need...
Must be a super hit phone.
Good job Vodafone...!

  • Anonymous

i don't think anybody could ask for more with such price,, the direct omparison would be with nokia 5230: 5230 has a better screen but 854 has android and wifi over the nokia,,seems like the best deal to me!

  • 豊&#30

simply. Awesome.


[deleted post]hay dude have u god idea abt "Vodafone 845"

  • Anonymous

looks ugly


cool Vodafone go ahade...........>>>>