Benchmark score shows Exynos 8890 will be the next king of multi-core performance

16 November, 2015
However, the Apple A9 still packs the heaviest punch per core.

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  • AnonD-159333

The Exynos 8890 CPU performance is INCREDIBLE! The multi-core geekbench score beats most Macbooks from this year (2015)! It's crazy to think that this will be the performance of a mobile phone. And the single-core performance is very good as well.

I fully expect that the GPU will perform incredibly as well. The Exynos 7420 (a mobile phone SoC) already matches many Tegra K1 devices (a higher-powered tablet SoC) in the latest GFXBench 4.0 test, and is not too far behind in other tests! The Mali T880 MP12 in the Exynos 8890 should take this performance up a few notches!

I hope that the Exynos chips start to find their way into entry-level laptop devices before long (eg. Chromebooks). I fully expect that these chips can offer outstanding battery life, ultra-thin form factors, and very good prices!

Marc Aurel, 17 Nov 2015Anandtech knows that there is no way to effectively multithread ... moreI fully agree, and you have made the point far more eloquently than I.

Good post.

Lex79, 17 Nov opinion differs somewhat from that of the Anandtec... moreAnandtech knows that there is no way to effectively multithread most apps used on mobile devices, certainly not with more than 2-4 threads, and demand for actual multitasking is very small on mobile. Even on a desktop computer there is little reason to have more than 4-6 cores on a typical desktop usage pattern and more than 8 would be quite unnecessary. Now some companies like are making mobile SoCs with a huge core count, which is just marketing. The situations where you could actually utilize something like a decacore SoC are very few indeed.

Having just a few powerful cores does not necessarily mean high power consumption, either, since there are many ways to save power on a high performance design by shutting down unused parts of the core, and of course traditional power throttling.

  • AnonD-320059

Hell YEaah 😎😎

heynekko, 17 Nov 2015"Apple is still king in single core performance." So what? In... opinion differs somewhat from that of the Anandtech team.

In their recent iPhone 6S and 6S plus review, they were quite clear that the A9 is the best mobile SOC employed in a smartphone to date, and I'm pretty sure they have taken into account the pro's and con's of fewer more powerful cores vs more yet less powerful cores.

Now who are we to believe on this matter, the respected, knowledgeable and experienced team at Anandtech............or heynekko???????

  • AnonD-461028

AnonD-364786, 17 Nov 2015samsung needs atleast 6 cores to take care of their RAM manageme... morehahahha well said

  • Anonymous

I am unimpressed at all. Good job but not that great. I expect more.

  • Anonymous

Talk about late news

  • Anonymous

Benchmarks show unfinished hardware running on god knows what test environment being better compared to other unfinished hardware running on god knows what test environment.

Truly amazing news here!

  • AnonD-364786

Anonymous, 17 Nov 2015"Apple's A9 is definitely lacking in this department scoring jus... moresamsung needs atleast 6 cores to take care of their RAM management algorithm ;-)

  • AnonD-364786

AnonD-442781, 16 Nov 2015OK then: Based on the results of our testing, itÂ’s clear that ... moresamsung is less efficient even after having a 2nm advantage over TSMC ;-)

AnonD-380093, 16 Nov 2015@Xtremist Do you have a Samsung device? No or you had before 3 y... moreexactly I have an e7 and doesn't lag at all

  • Dex

Reading the comments makes me wanna cry
First andriod and most of the apps on play store are multi threaded so the more the cores the better
Second in todays technology all 4 or 8 cores run together
Third can we plz talk technical and not fan boy stuff I have both apple and samsung products since 2011 and I can say now that samsung is getting much better in terms of hardware tge lag is from the software
Forth this is a chip to chip comparison which means there is nothing slowing the chip down like software or extra hardware so just wait for a benchmark done on the final device
Fifth single core is not real world ok get educated first singel core can benefit in single threaded tasks only and as I said before most of the apps now are multi and most apps keep running even in background
Sixth SD820 is built on a 14nm finFET the X20 is a 20nm HPM the A9 is a 16nm tsmc and a 14nm samsung like the SD820 the 950 is a 16nm finFET plus but the 8890 is a 14nm finFET plus LPP the 7420 is a 14nm finFET plus LPE so the 8890 is the most advanced and most power efficient plus its the first chip to incorporate an all in one chip solution and btw samsung is known to use hardware that requires low power like the super AMOLED screen
Seventh the a9 is a dual core and the sd820 is a quad core so they cant just compete against the 8 core cpu in multi tasking the x20 is a 20nm chip and the 950 is a 16nm chip so they cant just compete with the samsung 14nm finFET plus LPP chip
The end is that all you SD, sony, LG, apple and any other phone company fans out there dont just look and reviews and spec sheet and they go and say that the best phone coz all my friends have it or coz it lloks great or coz its expensive or coz rich people have it or coz it has a 20mp camera or waterproof wa 3d touch or whatever look at what u need and go deep know everything in the phone starting with the tupe of plastic or metal the phone has till the manufacturing process of the chip or the number of lenses in the camera so u can get the best phone for you and plz wait wait and see dont rush and buy a new phone wait till you see things clear
Thanks for you time and effort of reading this long comment I apologize if it was a long one
Thank you

  • Anonymous

"Apple's A9 is definitely lacking in this department scoring just 4,436." Hahaha ...but this OK because it's good enough for those single minded iPeople.

  • stobs

snapdragon 820 can record 4K video at 60 FPS. I don't think these other chips can do that. So it seems a tad unbelievable that it isn't better than the others.

we've already heard tales of how chipsets are programmed to detect benchmark software and .. etc...

  • ThatMPCSGuy

Takumi , 17 Nov 2015A3 for 5months? No lags? Yeh sure if that A3 has just a candy cr... moreWho the hell care about games in a cellphone dude?, get a console or a 3DS if you really care about portable gaming, cellphones are not made for gaming, typical apple fanboy bragging about games and how they run since that is the only good thing on iPhones

  • LLL

Those graphs show that Qualcomm Snapdragons have never been the best performer both single core & multi cores.

  • heynekko

"Apple is still king in single core performance."

So what? In this day and age only multicore performance count. Heavy apps are multi-threaded. Light apps are multitasked across multiple cores. Having a powerful single core just to run a light app is just wasting battery charge and is clearly outdated. That's why iPhone's battery life is abysmal for a flagship. The reason why you don't see single core Pentium(broadwell which more powerful than any multicores mobile processors combined) in a phone. It just wastes battery

  • Jarret

Samsung's will be the next king of processor

  • Anonymous

Would have thought that Qualcomm having replaced standard ARM design with custom core would now be the hot one but it appears that the Exynos 8890 is now the cool one.