HERE Maps compares its offline capabilities to Google Maps

18 November, 2015
>Yesterday, HERE 360, the official blog for HERE Maps, published a comparison chart featuring Google Maps and HERE’s.

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  • jmwloup5110

Nokia(Microsoft) is either lying or not doing their research again as on the here website they state that Google maps is only available on the droid os; as Google maps is available on most mobile devices including iOS.

  • Whywhy

HereMap can you please include Hong Kong offline map for download. I use Here Map and as well as Google map. Usually 8 use Here map first and nad google map as a back up.

  • Momon

Please include japan in here maps.. Thank you

  • Anonymous

I was surprised to find out that a small road in toronto was available in here maps and apple maps, but not in google maps. I do prefer here over gmaps most if the time except when in a hurry and need to search a difficult to type adress fast and weird, ill use google because it has the stalking kniwledge of everything.

  • Anonymous

I stick with Google Maps as much as possible, and I have Maps.ME for when offline navigation is needed.
Public transport routes are not available in Bulgaria OR Spain in pretty much all cases (and the ones that do offer it in Spain tend to be very outdated).

  • AnonD-80059

A combo of both is perfect. Use here when ni signal but Google maps had better detailing

  • AnonD-77464

Of course HERE maps takes less space to save offline maps. It has just a fraction of the data what Google Maps has for the same area.

Where I live, Google Maps has all the details for roads (even very small ones), while HERE maps had only 2 roads for the entire country. And they say that HERE has better coverage.

  • Jad

azz iff, 19 Nov 2015How come you people saying windows phone is not friendly?, ... moreof course it wont hand... no apps to run :)

  • AnonD-119024

I like here maps and its offline capabilities. But I must say google maps is better than here in terms of finding places. Specially rural areas in Kerala. But nothing beats offline feature of here. So we need both sometimes :D

  • AnonD-467116

AnonD-105019, 19 Nov 2015Well in alot of aspects Google map is better than HERE its ... moredownload here maps on your android and then use and compare with them in offline mode... challenge..... this post is about here maps not about platforms, so keep your posting and reviews according plz.

  • azz iff

How come you people saying windows phone is not friendly?, I am using Nokia Lumia 930 from past one year, and you know what? it didn't get lagged or hanged for a single time, and regarding here maps, I am using here maps offline, my brother has samsung phone and google maps sucks no proper offline compatibility, the people who are saying that google maps are good I think they are using them with data internet 3g or 4g packages, turn off your cellular connectivity and then use google maps, you will get pissed.

  • Adhvaryu

Oh common,HERE maps are a trillion times better than google offline maps.Even I was able to get perfect offline features in jungles of India where cellular network was not available.

  • AnonD-105019

Well in alot of aspects Google map is better than HERE its feels like android i mean android is the plateform which is much more user friendly unlike windows phone or iphone so it works the same google map is more user friendly than HERE but in terms of offline here is great i must say but i heard google maps are also going to work without internet lets see

Google maps has always been better.

  • AnonD-443963

It is the power of Windows phone ... nothing come close that....

  • AnonD-116380

I prefer Maps.Me over these

  • PathPhaindah

I'm sure frequent travelers and trekkers will probably appreciate the offline maps more, especially in rural areas w/ no internet connection. No point having a map if you still need internet connection to make it work.

Best maps are the ones the ones you can fold, though.

  • AnonD-158376

Google map have a huge collections of places hence its useful for searching... I love here map for finding road for the places I've already marked

  • Anonymous

Missing from the comparison: Which mapping app upload your location and search history into the cloud

  • Sade

RicardoOneri, 18 Nov 2015Only Android support for Google Maps? They got iOS app too... moreiOS support for Google Maps, but not offline navigation for now