Sony is working on PS2 backward compatibility for PlayStation 4

20 November, 2015
The season's hot Star Wars PlayStation 4 bundle includes a special edition of the console, the anticipated Battlefront game and four downloadable classics - Super Star Wars, Star Wars: Raced Revenge, Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter, and Star Wars: Bounty Hunter.

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  • Zac

I hope this means I can play the games I still have on disc for PS2, I still have 60 or so PS2 games on disc in very good condition.

  • AnonD-458879

Nice if the multiplayer PS2 games would also work on PS4.

  • Molly McIntire

Granted, the PS3 is quite complex, but there is at least some progress on emulating it through RPCS3. But yeah, it's something of a long shot compared to the 360, as Xenia's able to play games at an extent.

  • AnonD-405901

AnonD-415371, 21 Nov 2015You better go with xbox oneNot sure. I asked same thing on FB and people told me that Xbox is for losers XD
So, I'll probably buy 1 TB PS4 Call of duty version!

  • AnonD-415371

AnonD-405901, 20 Nov 2015I'm buying console for first time, please help. PS4 or Xbox One... moreYou better go with xbox one

  • ...

Anonymous, 21 Nov 2015nintendo did it way before microsoft or sony, you can play games... moreps2 could play ps1 games always and ps2 was out before gamecube,at the time of its release no console had backwards compatibility except playstation 2
so you were wrong also all ps3 have backwards compatibility to ps1 while 1st few generations of ps3 had ps2 backwards compatibility as well

nintendo was one of 1st companies to release console but they didnt care about backwards compatibility till sony did it

  • Anonymous

nintendo did it way before microsoft or sony, you can play games from a gameboy color on a gameboy advance or play gamecube games on a wii.

  • Anonymous

Great! Now if they add also the old PSX games too it would be great so that owners of the old Playstation don't have to give their old games away. Also, it would be nice of Sony if they worked on something to transfer the game saves of the PS2 games to the PS4 as well.

  • Anonymous

Awesome news for sony! They have been focussing on rereleases and remastered ps3 games for ps4, so it makes sense to focus on even older games to make ps4 even more appealing to gamers who are looking to replay old games. You know, current gamers don care about new games or true sequels, they want to play remastered games of last gen or two gen ago.

  • AnonD-99150

Im not excited

Ill just use my good ol ps2 on the counter

  • Daniel 480

yes!!!! finally!!! there is hope for sony playstations now!!!!!!! ;)

  • AnonD-350276

PS2 emulation works wonders on PS4. Games look much better and run 100% faster:

  • Anonymous

AnonD-467661, 20 Nov 2015Are you nuts? "I hope new A/VRs will get at least comparable... moreYou realize there are already 3D games right? They even had a couple on the Xbox 360. Please tell me you aren't spewing misinformation all over the web. Especially while acting like you know everything. Come on now, you're better than that.

  • AnonD-411615

Its about Time Microsoft comes back they have been catching up for a long time now im thinking they definitely will come back after Halo and all the new additions added to the X1 they are coming back strong

  • AnonD-467661

Are you nuts?

"I hope new A/VRs will get at least comparable computing power like in this gen consoles."

You are insane. PS4/XBOne are underpowered and the hardware was obsolete when they came out. Pushing 3d/vr/ar will not happen on consoles anytime soon if they don't up their game hardware wise. And by a lot. And that means more expensive next gen. Don't bet on it.

  • Anonymous

WWE Smackdown Here Comes The Pain! Need For Speed

  • AnonD-387110

If this happens, I'll be like adding 30+ games to my poor ps4 collection and play my awesome ps2 games instead of watching them on YouTube!!

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Hate much? So the author must always include how Xbox 360 failed in every write up where Xbox is mentioned?

  • Anonymous

men that will be great,i canot wait for it to happend.

  • AnonD-467404

AnonD-405901, 20 Nov 2015I'm buying console for first time, please help. PS4 or Xbox One... moredo it yourself. because it is very hard to find any unbiased opinion here. both are good in some way. if you look at sales ps4 is selling more. that's all I know.