EE's 4G camera lineup just got richer with the tiny Capture Cam

24 November, 2015
The connected compact shooter is specifically geared towards lifelogging.

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  • Anonymous

While I don't expect this to be stellar performance wise, because honestly why would a network own-brand anything be, but at least product design wise it looks ok.

As an EE customer, I'm now just waiting to see how long it takes them to try and sell me one, just like the last few money spinners they came up with.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Nov 2015Really? Another way to waste your money...which could be said of all consumer electronics beyond the absolute, bare bones basics.

Remember, this whole market is about what you *want* not what you *need.*

  • Anonymous

Really? Another way to waste your money...

  • Chuck Norris

AnonD-436155, 24 Nov 2015Capture a 10 min HD video. Upload. Boom, your 1 month plan gets ... morehahaha... more ways to waste money in 10 minutes.

This doesn't make sense, especially to those youtubers who already have proper streaming equipment. Just a new way to money grab from people.

  • cash


  • 1965YoutubeStar

"It seems that nowadays everybody and their aunt is on YouTube and a surprising number of those people are creating and uploading content"

They are because they can. But, honestly, most of them shouldn't.

  • AnonD-436155

Capture a 10 min HD video. Upload. Boom, your 1 month plan gets over in 10 mins. Way to go !