Sony Xperia M4 Aqua gets price cut in US

25 November, 2015
Unveiled back in March at this year's Mobile World Congress (MWC) and released in June, the Sony Xperia M4 Aqua has received a price cut in the US. An announcement in this regard was made by the Japanese company on Twitter.

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  • boi

I have broken my foune what and how much to fix it.i love it its simply the best

  • Anonymous

Guys, seriously ? This is a mid-range phone and the price is very cheap.
I mean, comparing LG G2 or any other flagship phone is just ridiculous.
Compare this phone with any other mid-range phone and u will see M4 is very appeling. Well, at least I wont miss this chance if I were looking for $199 phone

  • Anonymous

Got mine from amazon weeks ago for 199.00,it feels like a 75.00 dollar phone in the hand.I was just appalled at this piece of crap.Sold it days later.

  • Anonymous

G3 user, 25 Nov 2015sorry but lg G2 sounds better than this .. even it is high ... moreYou compare apples with oranges lol.
SONY before Low grade haha

  • G3 user

sorry but lg G2 sounds better than this .. even it is high end not midrange ... plus it has betetr quality... this m4 is just good but not if we have 200 us lg device out there

  • AnonD-93439

Anonymous, 25 Nov 2015Z5 just outted dude lolz, they cutting prices bc new (outda... more*Calls M5 outdated,
*is more powerful than htc a9, Samsung a8, a9, GS5, iP5s,Moto G series.

  • Anonymous

Z5 just outted dude lolz, they cutting prices bc new (outdated!) M5 Aqua has been released..

  • AnonD-411799

why price cut for older devices, cut the price of z5 series its already 3-5months older now, or will ya cut the price next year?

  • AnonD-85136

Great. But I already buy one. Good phone

  • Anonymous

Sweet deal Sony, nice Christmas gift 2015.

  • xhh

Hope they give a price cut to india as is a beautiful device although it has some problems like no otg and minor heating now.