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28 November, 2015
Xiaomi unveiled not one, but two great value devices and the Huawei Mate 8 is finally here.

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  • AnonD-472053

Holy cow, who will buy this lg instead an awesome oneplus x or nubia z9 mini (70$ less!!!)?

  • AnonD-471861

NickofGSM-, 29 Nov 2015and very BIGYeah....cameras and ram/rom so biggest, i like that...HK 950 chips...good 😄

AnonD-471861, 29 Nov 2015I like huawei...mate 8 verry goodand very BIG

  • Sebstin

LG releasing 1GB RAM phones in 2016?

  • Anonymous

xiaomi redmi note 3 is the best

  • AnonD-471861

I like huawei...mate 8 verry good