Lenovo partners with Razer to sell special-edition Y series gaming machines

28 November, 2015
Lenovo and Razer are partnering to bring you special co-branded gaming machines. For now, it is limited to Lenovo's existing Y series of desktop gaming computers, which have been given the Razer touch with a green backlit front logo instead of red, and Chrome RGB lighting underneath the chassis.

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  • AnonD-4254

In my humble opinion, if we know that nothing has changed underneath, then it would be better to see if the new look is suited to our taste or not.

I would pay a premium for good looks, but not for Razer's branding. I'd rather have a Razer mouse for that.
I would pay a little premium for those lights though, so I believe Lenovo could've done better attaching LEDs on its own.

  • dannystorm

Serzly!!!!!.... Lenovo wen will u grow???

  • AnonD-318136

"Lenovo's EXISTING Y series of desktop gaming computers" ?!?!?!?
There are no Y series gaming computers... I know the source is reliable, but if you're going to make an article at least copy it right... It's "Y series gaming devices" not "computers". It's a pretty big difference.

  • Anonymous

This is supposed to be a gaming PC and doesn't even have proper cooling...

  • AnonD-405901

Why is it so ugly?? Hate Lenovo anyways..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Nov 2015Looks like Razer trolled them big time. This just looks as ugly... moreI'd take a cheap Aerocool over this piece of crap anyday and you can guarrantee it'll be overpriced...

  • Anonymous

AnonD-100398, 29 Nov 2015No spes given in here!hmmmmWell I imagine they'd have some customisation options so I doubt they'd have a set spec.

  • Anonymous

Looks like Razer trolled them big time. This just looks as ugly as any of Lenovo's gaming desktops.

  • AnonD-100398

No spes given in here!hmmmm

  • agent 47

good decision lenovo company has made we know that pc this era are dying cause lot of people prepare to buy smartphone table. compare topc except company..

  • Chuck Norris

ah thats why its called "Y Series" coz you will really wonder why? hahaha

  • AnonD-190634

Looks ridiculous to me!

  • dasman

No way...is this a fake partnership?