Alleged Lumia 850 renders leaked

05 December, 2015
The device's specs were leaked back in July this year.

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  • Anonymous

ahmad321, 06 Dec 2015so it means no lumia 850 or 750 ??Indeed, as it's been confirmed today, Lumia 650 will be the only one released in 2016. Lumia 750 and 850 has been cancelled for now but, Microsoft's strategy is often unclear... even to them (:

  • Hadoop En

Anonymous, 06 Dec 2015Yes, Nexus 5X copied Microsoft/Nokia's design.Haha, either Microsoft bot or delusioned Lumia fanboys.

  • ahmad321

Anonymous, 05 Dec 2015I had a discussion with some people from Microsoft mobile divisi... moreso it means no lumia 850 or 750 ??

  • Anonymous

AnonD-79616, 06 Dec 2015Nexus 5X is that you ? Yes, Nexus 5X copied Microsoft/Nokia's design.

  • AnonD-204164

To all who thinks that this lumia design is a nexus 5X copy. Take a look at Lumia 640 XL once deeply,Nexus 5X is the one which came a copy of Lumia 640 XL. Lumia 850 design follows the design language of Lumia 640 XL + Lumia 830.

  • AnonD-79616

Nexus 5X is that you ?

  • shield

This is Microsoft Nexus 5x

  • Anonymous

Lumia Nexus 5X

  • boyo

Lumia 730 design is the best.850 design is not attractive at all Microsoft please design a better phone look at the design of Lumia 840 concept phones which combine the legendary N8 and Lumia 930 design.I will not hold such ugly looking device in my hand.


where is the dedicated camera button????????????????????????????? omg, i am really getting upset with ms.

  • Anonymous

LEF, 05 Dec 2015Well, yeah :P but will it be >300$ ?That I do not know. But if I was wise enough. I would rather take hint from their 830 and 930 pricing. And relatively take the common denominator by 950's current pricing. I am slow at math but anyone better at the math behind this could approximate a price for 850

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Dec 2015I had a discussion with some people from Microsoft mobile divisi... moreI remember I've read some article somewhere that they may have planned to release at most one high end and one midrange a year or so (something like that) and focus more on their low ends as they mostly gain profit from their low end devices

  • LEF

Anonymous, 05 Dec 2015I'm certain it would approximately cost less than the 950 seriesWell, yeah :P but will it be >300$ ?

  • AnonD-249778

Anonymous, 05 Dec 2015I would suggest MS to drop their Lumia series or probably return... moreYeah your right. I think they will drop it. Or they should drop it.. Tho nokia is making their new c1 phone. Maybe, just maybe, next year MS will make lumia's as a mid range & low range phone for other users who want to experience windows mobile OS. And Surface phone will gonna be their high end. I read some article that panos panay and his team who designed and developed the surface line are involve for the upcoming surface phone

  • AnonD-296725

looks like nexus 5x

I like premium design, but for phone to be heavy and slippery is not a better choice either. 165g and 180/190g is difference. I hope ms flagship will be better.

  • Anonymous

I had a discussion with some people from Microsoft mobile division who tend to say that they'll only sell one mid end device in the future whatever it is; 650, 750 or 850

  • Anonymous

AnonD-249778, 05 Dec 2015We need Surface like phone-design. I love what lumia is. But ms ... moreI would suggest MS to drop their Lumia series or probably return it to its original owner, Nokia, then MS could either venture on a new series or introduce a smartphone device from their own Surface series. Of course, either series MS creates should exhibit a different design to avoid potential class-actions on phone design elements. This should, at most, entirely alleviate the already tarnished stigma of the Lumia series or a Lumia device

  • scroller

I think or maybe I hope this is what I have been waiting for. A proper mid-range phone - I do not need a top of the range which costs more than my laptop. Lets hope it has proper mid-range pricing as well.

  • Anonymous

Vic, 05 Dec 2015Design is definitely much better that 950/950XL , but unfortunat... moreThey pretty much just pick up design cues from Nokia's Lumia series. Hence, they bought it out of their interest to make them of their own