Sony launches first set of PS2 games for PlayStation 4

05 December, 2015
Last month, it was revealed that Sony is working on PS2 backward compatibility for PlayStation 4, and now, the company has launched the first batch of PS2 games for the PS4 console.

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  • AnonD-85136


  • Sunny35

Bring Smackdown! Here comes the Pain to PS4.

  • Anonymous

my PS2 given by my sister 11 years ago was stolen:'( :'( :'(

  • #pcmasterrace

sony should have done this from launch offering full backwards compatibility. its because of this I sold both ps3 and ps4 with a vast library of games and invested in a superior gaming machine. pc rules!!!!

  • Anonymous

Out of all these games san andreas and black are the ones i can comfortably go for. Black is a mad game it needs a remake for the ps4. Never seen a first person shooter that awesome and intense gratifying. Even ma friends who are not fans of first person shooters lover it like crazy. Its one of the games i miss on ps2...but now i can replay them on ps4. Thank u sony. Pls we need burnout revenge and dominator too alongside need for speed most wanted and carbon.

  • AnonD-210527

AnonD-161423, 05 Dec 2015What if you already have San Andreas on your ps3 will it carry over???Playstation 3 or 2. it wont carry over to PS4. you will have to buy from PS store.

  • AnonD-161423

What if you already have San Andreas on your ps3 will it carry over???