LG hops onto the Apple Smart Battery Case bashing bandwagon

09 December, 2015
Quick! Let's turn every remotely controversial new tech-related thing into a "-gate" hashtag! Remember the Apple Smart Battery Case for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s? You do? Good. #HumpGate. The Internet wins again.

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  • Anonymous

Moment of silence was for the death of common sense when Apple made a phone too thin to last a normal person through the day.

  • Lol

V10 is as big as 6s Plus but has worse battery life than even the 6s. Sorry LG, you are not the one who should make a joke like this.

  • SDKforLumia

That's actually a pretty valid argument from LG, to be honest.

  • ytop

Apple are just so terrible, everyone is rightly laughing at them at the moment. That battery case is just like an april fools joke!

Guys at Apple must be laughing from their butt, if this is a pre-planned stunt by Apple to get publicity and smash competition by introducing a super thin high capacity battery for their next phone.

  • SaltyVlad

Someone is extremely salty that LG and Asus had a sense of humor.

Bet you he likes the Mac vs PC ads, however, because when Apple does it its so much funnier /s